Wine-down Wednesday - Layer Cake, Malbec

The first time I had this wine, Layer Cake: Malbec, was right around the time I first met V. He took me to some fancy smancy wine place (that had really fun light up menus...that sounds childish, but it's very classy!) in St. Augustine.

We asked me if I liked red wine, I said yes. So he asked if it was okay if he ordered for me - he wanted me to try some of his favorite wine.

Of course, I said yes.

It was love by first taste.

It's a wine from Mendoza, Argentina. The winemaker notes that the grapes are thoroughly ripened before taken off of the vine.

This is a delicious, rich, full bodied red wine...yum!

It has flavors of black fruit, cocoa, black spices, and cherries.

Due to the memories and the $15-$20 price tag in grocery stores, we usually save this or a special occasion or holiday. (And the wonderful memories of one of our first dates!) I will note, that not all stores have them. I can't find it at Publix down in Florida, but I can at Target. Some restaurants have this, as well...I've seen it at a Ruby Tuesday in New York, as a matter of fact!

The next time you're dying to try something new, eleqant, and want a red wine - give Layer Cake's Malbec a go!

The Tampa Bay Times recently named Layer Cake: Malbec Wine of the Week!

Nothing better than a nice glass of Malbec on the beach :)

OH and don't get rid of your wine cork - don't forget you can make wine cork magnets :)

Have you ever tried this?! Thoughts?


  1. Ohhhhh la la! I just may hafta try this! :]

  2. Sounds good! Just the name itself would get me to buy it!


  3. That sounds so good! Might have to give that one a try if I can find it.

  4. OOOH, gosh, that sounds SO good. I can almost TASTE it!

    SOoooo jealous of wine on the beach! :)

  5. The name has me sold! So sweet that it reminds you of your first date! Light up menus...this place sounds awesome!! The thought of wine on the beach right now...ahhhh! I could go for that! Cheers!! :)

  6. Cami, I so enjoy a lovely glass of good wine. Your description of this wine and how your sweetie introduced you to it is a wonderful story. I will be trying to find it now. Smile!

    I also commented on your sister post. It was inspiring to hear about sisters who love each other. So many families are not loving and close. Mine is too and it is a blessing I appreciate so much. My parents taught us to love each other and the lesson has given my sisters and I so much happiness. I can't leave out my only brother.We love him too. Smile!

    Love and hugs,


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