Thankful Thursday, 3.15.12


What a glorious day it is, isn't it?

We always have something to be thankful for...wouldn't you say?

A lot of people I've spoken to the past week or so have been going through a rough time for one reason or another. Do you know what their coping method is? Being positive and being thankful for the good they do have.

So if you've had a rough week, forget about all the bad and focus on the good...act as if it is the first day of your life!

On this beautiful sunny day, I am thankful for...

The weekend. I get to spend it with my two best friends from Stetson. It's alumni excited! Friday we're going to hang out & relax. Saturday we're going to be spending at Disney and then going to the block party that night. Sunday, they're going to come back home with me and spend some quality time on the beach! One of them lives in Orlando and has a crazy schedule...the other is going to grad school at Vanderbilt so I don't see either of them nearly enough. I am so excited I can hardly stand it <3

I have some pretty amazing reviews coming up the next couple of weeks...I am so excited! Stay tuned ;)

I've been looking at cruises for May...I want to go on another one and so does V. I cannot wait. OR - if I can find a good deal - I wouldn't mind hopping on a plane to some island & staying at a long as the price is within my budget. I've been told if I wait a month before I want to go to book, I'll find a better deal...buuuut I'm too anxious and want things set in stone. :D If you have any ideas, let me know!

Draw Something. I'm officially obsessed. Yup. It's sad...but it's so fun - I can't help it!! Play with me!! My user name is - Firstdayofmylife :)

God protecting us while driving yesterday...had a very close call and all I can say is WOW - God is so good.

Bike week being over soon so it will be peace & quiet again on A1A. ;)

Another pregnancy announced in the family! My god-daughter's momma is having another. Pray for health for both momma & little one please...only 4 weeks in!

Dinner last night for my sister's birthday! It was so nice to have a family dinner, hang out, relax a bit... & of course, it was fun. <3

Cupcakes my mom made! Funfetti with strawberry icing...Yum!! :)

Momma & I!

Birthday girl & I :)
After dinner, V and I having time to walk around St. Georges street in St. Augustine for a couple of was a beautiful night!

Me & my love!
I don't usually like wearing my hair back but it was humid!

I haven't had one of these since I lived in Scotland.
I got one just for the memories <3
I think it was either a 2 or 3 liter bottle for a pound a half...(almost $2!!)
But a small bottle here costs $5!


  1. we have a lot to thank God for. there are always big and small blessings that we receive every single day. i enjoyed the photos. you look lovely!

  2. love your look so much like your mom and sister!! and i love the pink top on you!!
    you are always so positive and uplifting, cami!
    thank you!!
    maria <3

  3. Beautiful photos, thankyou for sharing them <3

  4. Hey your gratitude attitude. Awesome pics and so grateful for His protection too. have a fab rest of the day.

  5. Can I tag along this weekend? Heck, I wanna tag along on your cruise too!! :)

    Your Guardian Angel must have been doing his job right :) Crazy drivers are everywhere!!

    And Btw, those cupcakes look delish! Happy bday to your sis!

  6. Sounds like you have a lot going on! Can't wait to read the new reviews!

  7. mmmm... love strongbow. and we used to play stetson in volleyball... i went to troy (in alabama). have fun with your girlfriends this weekend!!!

  8. What a fun time you have been having - as have I. God is good. I've driven a total of 15 hrs the past week and have had safe travels... And my hubby had safe travels to Tanzania and praying for safe travels home. God is good, all the time.

  9. Lovely post! Sounds like a fun weekend! :)

  10. So glad to see you over at THANKFUL THURSDAY this week Cami! Loved how you did a shout out to some writers who spoke to you this past week! :)

  11. Sweet post! You had a fun weekend :D

  12. Thanks for stopping by ;) Here are a couple of the designs I have been doing. I am looking at starting a store sometime soon so you'll have to stop by and tell me what you think! :) Talk with you soon girl and have a great weekend!!!


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