Top 10 List of Guilty Pleasures

We all know there are some things about us that we might not necessarily want to admit to...
Cami's Top 10 Guilty Pleasures...
In no particular order...
1) Gilmore Girls.
If it's on - I seriously HAVE to watch it. Even though I can pretty much recite every SINGLE joke.

2) Backstreet Boys Songs.
Yes, it's okay to act like an 8th grade girl now and then. If I'm with my sister or childhood friends and a BSB song comes on...ohhhh boy!

3) Someone playing with my hair.
I loved this as a kid, I still love it now. It almost puts me to sleep!

4) Along the same lines - someone scratching/my back.
It brings me to another place!

5) Ooey, gooey homemade brownies.
As much as I try to say no...I can't. No way, no how. Especially when they're still warm!

6) Nail polish.
I have issues saying no. It's bad.

7) BOGO's.
I get so excited when I see a BOGO with a product/food/etc. that I use. Seriously - so excited. It makes me want to start couponing.

8) Leftovers.
Sounds silly, but I LOVE leftovers. Mostly because that means the next day, I don't have to worry about lunch or dinner. (Huge time saver!)

9) Having my hair straight.
I'm a naturally curly gal. When I have straight hair, I feel like a different person. Oh, and I can run my fingers through my hair...or just brush my hair.

10) Amazing smelling cologne.
I can't even explain where it takes my me...happy thoughts, that's for suuuure!


  1. I LOVE to have my hair played with too. It relaxes me like no other.

  2. oh how i miss Gilmore Gilrs! One of the best shows ever! I have to re-watch the series soon!

  3. GG uhhhh YES!!! I'm almost finished watching the 7th season again!! And brownies...oh gosh, the gooier the better ;)

  4. I agreed with about 90% of this list. I have BSB on my Grooveshark and brownies are definitely a huge weakness for me.

    Okay, now I want to make my own list. ;)

  5. Good morning dear Cami, I am sorry my comment is so belated. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on our anniversary post. It meant so much to me. If I wasn't so wordy I might have visited all the wonderful comments on our special day by now. HA! Alas, that is not the case.

    If these are your worst 10 guilty pleasures Cami, you are doing well. Except for the brownies. I have one thing to say and it is not my quote. "Life is uncertain, eat dessert (brownies) first."

    Wishing you happy sunny days with many blessings added on.
    love, Jeanne

  6. Glad I'm not the only one out there who can enjoy busting out a good old BSB song! And I LOVE having my back relaxing!

  7. haha i love gilmore girls.. and i still listen to BSB.. love love love them

  8. I miss Gilmore Girls so much! Best show ever!

  9. Lots of good things! Yummy for the brownies....and awesome nail polish selection! Wow! And I love the old Backstreet Boys music.

  10. A lot of these things are my guilty pleasures too! Like the brownies and nail polish!! :)

  11. Gilmore Girls isn't even a guilty pleasure for me. It is one of the best shows that was ever on tv, IMO. AND my friend gave me tickets to see BSB when they went back on tour two years ago. I went and I loved it just as much as I did when I was 13 and saw them. I brought my husband along and I think even he enjoyed himself too.

  12. A girl after my own heart!!! I am a Gilmore Girls die hard! I want to live in Stars Hollow and be Lorelei's best friend!!!

  13. Seriously envy that nail collection:) I just started couponing and it is addictive love finding a deal!

  14. Is that your real nail polish collection? Yours is bigger than mine! haha

  15. This is exactly why I love reading your blog so much! 1,2,5,6,7,8, and 10 are all things I love too!

  16. I LOVE GILMORE GIRLS ... I have all 7 seasons and when i am in a study marathon i put it on in the background to either watch or have something noisy in the background :-)

  17. Backstreet Boys and NSync! (I loved both!) the gooey brownies just made me crave some and to this day I ask H to play with my hair... love that feeling! :)

  18. Gilmore Girls is the best! Love it! I also love my hair being played with and back scratched. You can send me brownies any time! and a good smelling male is always ALWAYS a bonus!! :D

  19. i want to come to your house and get a manicure :) woahhh baby!!! omygosh, i seriously love that you have so many!
    i LOVE when people play with my hair. not that they do, besides my hairdress or when i beg steve to lol. sometimes my friend, jessica, and i give each other shoulder massages. our men get jealous bc we don't give them ones back. ;)
    wishing you a wonderful thursday <3


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