Relay for Life 2012

I am SO excited to be on a team for Relay for Life again this year. I have participated in this event since I was in high school - I've always had a blast!

First off, if you aren't sure what Relay for Life is - it's a relay event where someone from your team has to be walking around a track throughout the entire event. (Not the same person - you can take turns.) All teams have a booth where there is food, games, and a whole lot of fun! If you've never participated, I highly suggest you do if you have the opportunity.

The sole purpose of Relay for Life is to raise funds for the American Cancer Society to help fight cancer!

I am on a team for work - 2 years ago I participated on the same team and had a TON of fun!
We were the Wizard of Oz! (The theme was movies.)

All dressed up!

My mom & I - she was the bad witch & I was the good ;)

We won best campsite :)

Anywho, this year the theme is "World Fair" and we are going to be GREECE! I cannot wait to show you photos of that. Our costumes are incredibly cute.

If you are able to donate to my cause - all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society - please do! I want to do all I can do make a difference! It would be MUCH appreciated - every little bit helps...even a dollar. :)


  1. YAYAYAYYYYY!!! I loveeeeeeee this post!!! I work for ACS and am a HUGE support for RFL, obviouslu!!! So wonderful that you did Wizard of Oz last year, I love it!!! Love you Cami, you're an amazing gal!!!

  2. My friend was participating in Relay for Life over the weekend. It looks like you had a lot of fun and such a great cause! :)

  3. omg you're going to Greece! You will absolutely love it!! I can guarantee it! I went there once and had the best time ever!

  4. awww, i love relay for life. my high school, which is a few mins away, does one every summer and we always participate. i love the photo and cute idea of good and bad witch! that's awesome, cami!


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