The Ah Ring

If Tyra Banks wears something, it's automatically cool...right?

And if you don't like Tyra Banks, how about Kate Hudson or Serena Williams? I know I got you with at least one of those 3.

Those ladies all have something in common - they are sporting (or have sported) The Ah Ring!

Sounds fun right? "Ah Ring" "Ah" stands for "available" and "happy"
Which means...this ring is for the single women out there!

If you aren't married or don't foresee it in the near future and want to wear a beautiful diamond ring, why should you have to wait for a guy to give you one? You shouldn't!! Don't wait. But it yourself. (That's why you work...right? To buy yourself pretty things!)

I've never heard of wearing a ring on your pinky finger (but really...what do I know??) but that is what this ring is meant for - your pinky finger.

Apparently there is a lot of press about this gorgeous ring - NY Times, Chicago Tribune, etc.

So, no, I am not being compensated for this post. I just like sharing about new pieces of jewelry (youtubes, etc. that are going to go viral) so I can say I saw it before it got big. (That was the story of my life in high school!)


  1. haha thats actually kind of a cool concept. pretty ring, too!

  2. What a gourgeous ring, and picture for that matter! I like this, there are lots of women that are perfectly content with not being in a relationship. I like that its worn on the pinky too gives it its own spin.

  3. Not a bad idea! I should get one since I have no signs of a hubby in my near future! :)

  4. aww so cute! i used to wear a cute little cross ring on my pinky finger when i was in junior high/high school!!!

  5. i've never heard of this before! thanks for sharing. i love pinky's so dainty and pretty.
    it's funny, you know the hottie you posted a picture of the other week? i've been seeing him everywhere now. the other day i was cleaning an office and there was a cutout of him shirtless taped to a girl's desk. i was cracking up and thought of you! :)
    hope you and v had a lovely weekend!!
    maria <3

  6. I just feel like this is going to make an actual engagement ring less special. But that's just me. I wore a purity ring on my left ring finger before I got engaged/married. It was a sign of waiting for marriage and such. It was simple. In-ornate. It wasn't meant to be a substitute, but rather a reminder to remain sexually pure until marriage. I mean, I can see how this ring would appeal to so many single women, I just know that even before I was married, this wouldn't have appealed to me!


  7. I kinda agree with the comment above about it taking away from the engagement ring ... I dunno, its a cute idea, but to me it doesn't make up for the idea of an engagement ring.

  8. These are wonderful. What is the inscription.
    Wedding Rings


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