April Birchbox

By now, I think most of you ladies know what Birchbox is.

If you don't - well - it's 4-6 beauty samples based on your beauty profile. Most of the time, they do a pretty good job with matching products up.

This is my 3rd Birchbox. In a nutshell - the first I didn't care for...the second I was thrilled with and this one I'm on the fence with.

This is what I received in April's Birchbox:

It looked like (I love how it's presented...in a cute box with colorful tissue paper!) -

Befine - Skincare Sampler
In the box was 2 gentle cleansers and 3 moisturizers. Pretty cool that rice extracts are used to restore your skin. The full size cost of each is $24 which isn't TOO bad. (Depending the size of full size, actually.) I wouldn't mind spending this much as long as the cleanser and moisturizer makes my skin look great. I wish there was more of a sample so I could get a full effect of the products. I have yet to try it out yet.

dirt. - Luxe Salt Scrub in Lemon Leaf
Oh boy. This stuff smells GREAT. I didn't like that there wasn't a seal on the container. (Call me weird.) But with all that stuff in it - it's very grainy - who knows what else is in it. I would feel more comfortable if there was some type of seal on it.
I'm a fan of salt scrubs - they make your skin feel so amazing! This one is just as wonderful. (Full size is $45, though...no thanks.)

Orofluido - Beauty Elixir
This is a hair treatment that has argan, linseed, and cyperus oils. And the smell is intoxicating - vanilla amber scent. I used it on my hair after I showered yesterday (before putting my hair products in) and I feel like it helped make my hair look less wet (I use mouse to tame my curls) and help it be soft. I'll let you know if it makes my hair less frizzy. (I've been told that's what argan oil is supposed to do.) When I've looked in the past for argan oil, the price is between $10 and $15. So $30 for a full bottle of this isn't too bad. The sample I received is 5ml - the full size is 50ml according to the website. Not bad! I might actually order it.

Vapour Organic Beauty - Elixir Lipgloss (in hypnotic)
When I first started to use this, I couldn't get it out. It's very thick. I'm not a fan of the color on me - it's very dark. But the product itself, I do like. I stayed on for a good four hours yesterday - and I was drinking an iced tea throughout those 4 hours. It's not sticky, either. It goes on very smooth! Did I mention that this is organic? (You girls know how much I adore organic products!)
A full size version of this is $20. (Which means that the Birchbox paid for itself with just this product.) Another product that I just might purchase.

Le Palais des Thes - Tea Bags
This was the "lifestyle extra." This is a cool extra...I guess? These are green teas...yum. 20 packs are $12.50, though. So unless they blow my socks off, I'll save my money.

I suppose that with the Elixir Lipgloss and the Beauty Elixir (maybe I just have a thing for "elixir" - ha!) I am content with this Birchbox. I can't love all of the products.

What did you think of your April Birchbox??
Or if you didn't get one - are you thinking you might?


  1. I love salt scrubs as well. Have you ever tried the Dead Sea ones? They work wonders! And they definitely have a seal :) Have a lovely weekend darlin! x

  2. Crazy! I got a completely different box!

  3. I'm so jealous of your birchbox this month! I didn't get anything that great in mine! :(

  4. lucky you...looks fabulous!

  5. Again love how you do your birchbox review, with the prices etc. I agree completely with you, I like stuff to be sealed too! I made my own homemade sugar scrub from a "recipe" I found on pinterest, it was fantastic!

  6. We got NONE of this same items this month lol. I got juice beauty moisturizer, zoya nail polish, Taylor Switft's perfume, amika hair masque, and some Dropps laundry detergent.

  7. I have not heard of Birchbox...I'm going to have to look into that!

  8. I'd never heard of birchbox before, sounds like fun :)

  9. Aahhh, I keep on telling myself to give this a try! What I need to do is hint to steve...lol
    It looks like a great package this month!
    I love scrubs...they make you feel SO clean!

  10. We got the same box! I love the lip gloss! I think it's the least sticky lip gloss i've ever tried. Lol

  11. I love your review. I like to see what others think of the products, not just what they got. This is great!!

  12. I got laundry detergent...how insulting is that? I canceled...I think I will just go to Sephora and make my own samples. That lip gloss looks fun!

    1. I got the detergent too. It wasn't my favorite box. I'll see what happens next month.


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