Letters for Friday, 5.11.12

Dear Muscles: I love when you feel sore...makes me feel accomplished!

Dear Rain: Please come back. I need there to not be any crazy wild fires this summer.

Dear New Neighbors: If it's after 11pm on a week night - if you're going to have people over - please keep it down. I'm basically an old lady and go to bed by midnight every night. Even though you're double my age, I would appreciate some respect.

Dear New Neighbor Dogs: Please try to keep it down...especially before 8am in the morning.

Dear Monthly Friend: You are making me so tired and bloated and miserable...please go away.

Dear Essie: While I love your colors, you barely last more than a day...even with a top coat.

Dear Avengers: Please stay in the theater until I can make it in to see you!

Dear Vegetable Sticks: What a delicious snack you make...yuuuum!

Dear William Levy: Thank you for letting me continue seeing your sexiness on DWTS!

Dear Castle: 5th season officially renewed...I am one happy gal. I wonder how they're going to spin it.

Dear Wicked Soundtrack: Oh how I have missed  you. You make me have fond memories...reminds me of living in Scotland.

Dear Gossip Girl Birchbox: I expected better. Way better.

Dear Ocean Tide: Please calm down. I'm not a fan of big surf and big waves...it's too hot to not go swimming!

Dear Weekend: I welcome you with open arms...especially since I have 2 days off!! :)

Dear Pinners: I need friends...I sure am lonely. Follow me

Dear Readers: I love you. Your comments, emails, tweets make my day <3 Have a beautiful, special weekend!

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  1. wow reallly great post
    love to read your posts

    check out my recent post and also comment

  2. Love the post and I agree with birch box it wasnt very good . I love wicked it's awesome :-) thanks for the post Cami they are fantastic as always just like you!

  3. Dear Cami,
    1. I hope you can make it to see Avengers because it's amaze-balls.
    2. I haven't received my Gossip GIrl Birchbox yet and I'm super nervous because all the reviews I've read have been horrible. How did you get your box so fast? I just got my email yesterday or the day before letting me know it's shipping.
    3. I'm your newest pinterest follower.
    4. I'm totally responding to your email in the morning. It's been a crazy week at work but tomorrow boss lady is out of the office so I will actually get a moment to respond!
    Have an amazing weekend!

  4. Aww. This post is so cute =D

  5. i haven't gotten my birchbox yet, now I'm scared.
    I feel the same way about the rain and castle and Essie!

  6. I'm with you on the sore muscles and the Avengers, but not on the rain. Bring on the sunshine! ;) Well, I guess it can rain Monday thru Thursday and I'll be ok with that. But Friday thru Sunday has to be clear so that I can enjoy the warmth and sunshine with my kiddos. =)

    I hope you have a great weekend!!

  7. I actually like the Gossip Girl box! What did you get?

  8. "monthly friend" ha you're a lot nice than i am about it!!

    found you via the newlywed link up!

  9. Cute post :) See you on pinterest :)

  10. I'm definitely with you on the weekend! I am anxiously awaiting its start in about 3 hours lol.

  11. Essie is my favorite polish brand...It usually lasts me a full week before I have to re-do them. How many coats do you do? I paint a thin coat and wait for it to fully dry and then repeat twice. Sometimes I do 4 coats...



  12. try topping your essie with another brands clear coat, it works! and I am so with you on feeling the soreness from a workout! its so awesome! You KNOW you are working hard! thanks for linking up with me cami!


  13. I could tell you tons of stories about my upstairs neighbours - the ones who think that it's reasonable to vacuum at 11 pm or even at 7:30 a.m. Or let their two year old daughter drive a play car up and down the hallway. That's super awesome. I hope your new neighbours get your letter and take a hint.

    p.s. we are now pin-mates.

  14. Love this post! Sorry I have been slacking on the comments lately. I'm trying to catch up. Anyway, know that I am reading and enjoying your posts. :)

  15. I named my upstairs neighbor in my first apartment Elephant Man. I named his two skeazy guy friends Hippo and Rhino. :-)

    The Wicker Soundtrack is a constant in my car. I used to listen to it while driving to/from school/home when I was in school in Knoxville. It helped pass the not so fun mountain driving time! I FINALLY saw Wicked last night!!! Vance took me to see the traveling Broadway show at DPAC (Durham Performing Arts Center) as my Christmas present. BEST. CHRISTMAS. PRESENT. EVER!!!!!!

    Pinterest...I already follow you!

    It's been awhile since I emailed you back. I'm sorry. I've been so super busy with work and life! I have this whole weekend off, which is awesome! (You might remember how RARE that is for me!) Oh...and...as for my weight loss journey....8 weeks in...26.4 lbs down!!!!! :-D

    I hope you dote on your mommy tomorrow! Love you!


  16. Hey pretty lady!
    I hope you're enjoying a wonderful. Mother's Day with your mom!
    Thinking of you! I loved this post. And am glad to hear Mr. Levy is sticking around! ;)
    Thank you for always leaving such encouraging words, my friend!
    I hope the weekend was good to you, V and all your loves!
    And I hope those neighbors of yours keep it down!


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