Mommas Day

I know this post is a day late - but that's because I was spending the day with my beautiful mother all day yesterday.

AND - besides - Mothers day is really meant to be celebrated EVERY day - not just one day of the year.

Happy Mothers Day to the most beautiful, amazing, special mother out there who is incredibly kind-hearted, loving, puts others before herself, helpful, and fun...

Although we might not always see eye to eye - I know what you do & say is said with my best interest in mind - that is what matters most.

Every day is a day to celebrate your mother!

Love you, momma!


  1. Wonderful message with lovely pictures Cami! Have a great week.

  2. yeah, just found your blog:) can't wait to get to know you more! i'm your newest follower! love Katie

  3. Great post and love your pictures! :)

  4. Awww. Happy Mother's Day to your mama!

  5. <3 the post as well as the photo's. Happy Mama's Day to your Ma!

  6. So so sweet, Cami! You your mom and sister are beautiful. I love the photo and how you all match in your pretty dresses! You all look so much alike! I love the yellow and black. You're right...everyday should be celebrated.
    Sending love your way!


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