New Beginnings

I cannot believe it's May already!

It's a new month - a new day - a time for new beginnings. I try to treat every day as if it were the first day of my life - today especially.

There are some big changes going on at work. (Which I cannot specifically talk about here since some locals read my blog and I would like to keep it private.)

With or without these big work changes, I've been welcoming change with open arms. Back in September I was talking about having thoughts of free-lancing full time in order to travel. I don't necessarily want to travel on a permanent basis (I would love a vacation to travel!)

I have watched V be 100% self-employed since last August. He had to find his niche, figure out what he was's been a complete learning process for him. But you know what? He is rocking it & doing a wonderful job.

I want to do the same!

I want to be completely self-employed and dependent on myself for income. 

Nothing is permanent - ESPECIALLY the jobs we have today. We might get complacent with them but realize, that they are not a guarantee. Something crazy could happen and you not have your same job in three weeks from now. Anything is possible.

With that being said - I do not want to send a million resumes out, go on a ton of interviews only to find myself in the same boat. Why don't I cut it from it going too far and just be self-employed?

After thinking about it, praying about it...I came up with a few ideas.

The idea I am currently at is to help people brand themselves by using their blogs/business website.

I want to share what I have learned from blogging with you - to help you gain more of a following, have a better web-presence, etc.

Staring May 1 - this is my bloggers, businesses, eTsy shops, etc. to strive! Help me to help you! I would be happy to evaluate your blog, website, business, eTsy shop, etc. online and recommend some pointers - no fee!

So, ready, set...lets get started with the -
First Day of YOUR Life
1) Website, business, name
2) Your goal/purpose
3)  Link back to me that you accept every day as the first day of your life! (will e-mail you a button!)

E-mail me the above answers - or comment below :)


  1. Way to go, Cami! Best of luck to you with your new endeavor :)

  2. You are so right, nothing is guaranteed. Good luck Cami on your new adventure.

  3. Cami, that's an awesome idea! I wish you tons of luck with everything you're going for! I believe anything is possible and you've got such a great attitude and beautiful heart!
    Will be praying for you!
    PS-that's awesome for V too! Congratulations to him.

  4. Yes, Yes, Yes, I *LOVE THIS!* sign me up girl :)

  5. Great idea Cami! Good luck!! (and by the way I can't talk about work on my blog either and sometimes I wish i could!)

  6. I would LOVE to be self employed! Nothing irks me more than office politics. I'd love to work from home on my own time, not deal with traffic, in and out times, annoying office mates, etc..

    There must be a special spot in hell for office cubicles lol

  7. Love this! So excited for you! Looks like great things are in store for you guys! :)

  8. You go, lady! :)

    I love your outlook on everything -- you're just so positive and have such a good head on your shoulders. I could definitely learn a thing or two from you!

    I wish you all the luck on your new venture! <3

  9. Best of luck to you! It takes bravery to put yourself out there and do something you love! I would love to hear your tips!

  10. Woo hoo!! You go girl! BEST of luck! I know that you can make ANYTHING happen that you put your heart into :)

  11. Amazing! I feel like it's been the year of change. The year of transition! I'm emailing you for details

  12. Best of luck Cami! That's a wonderful idea! x

  13. Cami, what a beautiful thing you're doing. Such a caring person who takes time out to help others. My post today was definately directed towards you and many others. Good luck with your plans. I know that whatever you do, you will flourish. You have a heart of gold. A happy May day to you, sweetie. I love this month, as it is the month of Mothers Day and my Birthday.
    ~Sheri at Rose Alley

  14. Super awesome! You can totally do this! :)


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