Ashton Kutcher - Online Dater?!

You know how there are celebrities out there who are totally in the "in crowd"?

Ashton Kutcher MAKES that crowd.

He says something is cool - it's cool.

The new "in" thing, according to Ashton is online dating. We all know his track record with - he thinks he might be able to find love online. (Which means everyone who thought that it was unacceptable to find love that way, will change their minds!)

Anyways, Ashton has decided to try out the dating website, World Wide Lovers to find a potential mate!

Leave it to Ashton to come up with an off the wall dating video -


If I ever had to create an online dating video/profile - I would totally hire Ashton's crew for the job!

Do you think all of the personalities depicted above are Ashton?? I can't tell...especially the Johnny Depp/Willy Wonka look-alike...

As long as I'm not depicted in the above creepy manner - I'd be happy!

The funny thing is that this dating video is almost a warning of guys to watch out for - don't you think? Hmm...maybe that is what Ashton had in mind?

Ok - that sounds mean - I know everyone is searching for their own true love and everyone totally deserves it! Some are just a little more eccentric than others...just like real life!

What do you ladies think about celebrities trying out online dating?

I know most of you have a pretty positive opinion on online dating already! For those of you who are still looking and interesting - maybe try out World Wide Lovers! I mean...once Ashton stamps his seal of approval - I'd say go for it!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Pop Chips. However, there was no request made to share any particular point of view or opinion. 


  1. How lucky is the girl who shows up for a date with him!!?? :)

  2. Haha. I think that under everything else, celebrities are still people and if they think they can find love online they should go for it. That being said, I think it would be hard for them to find someone who wants to be with them for them, and not for their fame.

  3. What a funny idea! haha I think they may have better luck at online because they'd just lie about their name, and a bunch of other stuff and than get girls who liked them for their personalities instead of all their fame and fortune! haha maybe thats a little messed up though, who knows... :)

  4. If they don't use a fake identity, I think it would be even harder for a celebrity to date online. I would think they'd mostly get emails from crazy stalker fan girls and not from anyone looking for an actual relationship.


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