Thankful Thursday, 5.3.12


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Writing down what you are thankful for will make your life happier and stress-free! Going back and reading what you are thankful for will aid in this process as well.

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I am thankful for...

-friends who as optimistic for my life's new adventures!

-having a three day weekend for Memorial Day!! I am so excited! Not sure what my plans are, but will be happy just laying by the beach!

-being on top of my workout routines these past two weeks! I'm making myself stay motivated ;)

-new post-it notes! I'm a post-it note queen. I love getting new ones...especially fun, pretty ones!

-making new tasty recipes that come out great!

-hugs. I seriously just love them. 

-the fact that the new word on the street is - Junior Seau found dead was obviously big news, being in a Patriots household - all the fans love for him and all the support is touching...please send some prayers his way! <3

-all of your support with my new idea! It means oh so much to me!

-my car being in wonderful condition and not having an issues! 

-a boardie possibly coming to my side of the state! I envision a wonderful time together!

-V's team winning their soccer game last Thursday...that means play-offs are tonight!! Here to hoping they kick some major butt!

-friends confiding in me <3 Best feeling!

-having some layer cake malbec - yum! :)

-breakfasts on the beach! yum :)

-living on the beach means fun times with friends and family! Games of football in the water, waling on the beach, relaxing, having fun :) (not many photos of that so people won't be upset with their beach body on the web:)

V's sister & I :)


Being able to be at this little one's first day at the beach!

-having an amazing time at Relay for Life this year! We won BEST COSTUME - we were dressed as Greek goddesses! Our team raised over $2,000! Thank you ALL for your amazing support :)

Celebrate. Remember. Fight back!

My precious little god-daughter came to visit :)

Our team with my co-workers beautiful Mommy -
she BEAT breast cancer!

Patty (seamstress of our costumes!), Sunday (co-worker),
myself, my momma!

My momma & I :)
Love that she is able to do it with
me every year!

Co-worker & friend!


  1. I love Thursdays which make me look at what I can be thankful for ! It's amazing what you can find to be thankful for when you look.
    Have a great day and thanks for popping by my blog - have linked up for TT with you.
    Love, hugs and positive energy !

  2. Oh wow! I love it!! The photos and reasons to be thankful are all wonderful. :D
    Here's to the rest of the week being as, if not MORE, enjoyable! ;) x

  3. Just beautiful photos and wonderful thankfuls. fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you. Stopping by from Kate Says Stuff link up

  4. Love your list as always :) I can't wait to go to the beach this next weekend. My little one wants to spend his birthday there ;) I must make a trip to St. Augustine. I have never been!! Maybe we can connect ;) Have a great week Cami!!

  5. I love this! Great pictures! Thank you for linking up with me. I really appreciate that you always come back to link up each week!

  6. great pictures! and what a great thankful list! I want some breakfast on beach right now! :)

  7. Slightly envious of you and that beach ;) I too love hugs though so *HUG*! and I love the pics of you and your cute!

  8. love your Relay pics! Congrats on best costume! My husband won Dude looks like a lady one year... poor guy, we had him all decked out!

  9. I'm thankful today for the sweet email from my Bloggy friend Cami that I saw first thing this morning:) Thanks for hosting. I totally agree about Memorial day. Cant wait. I am taking tomorrow off too!

  10. Love when you post beach pictures!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  11. Awesome link up! Will link up in the future. And great photos!

  12. This is my first time linking up for Thankful Thursday and its been so much fun so far! Totally jealous of your beach life... I miss my beach days since moving to Vegas. Boo. Looking forward to catching up on your blog!

  13. Enjoyed your thankful list, and the pictures.

  14. i love new post it notes too! I'm somewhat obsessed with office supplies! Thanks for linking up over at the Elf House!

  15. What a great list and spending time on the beach sounds heavenly. You are blessed!

  16. Love your list! Breakfast on the beach sounds amazing! Congrats on all the hard work with Relay for Life. That's awesome and your costumes look great! :)

  17. great TT list... as always... jealous of all your beach pics... and congrats on such a successful relay for life event!! you guys make some awesome greek goddesses!!

  18. Glad your workouts are going well! Oh life at the beach must be so nice! Thanks for the link up!

  19. Cami, you are gorgeous and such a good soul. You look amazing in the white dress and the photo of you and V's sister is so both are adorable in your bikinis! Ahh, I'm craving a bit of sun. I do love the rain but it has been verrry rainy here lately.
    I love confiding in friends and them doing to same to. It is so special.
    I hope your Friday is beautiful!
    Thank you again for your friendship!

  20. We really are a lot alike!! haha! I love pretty post it notes too...the yellow regular ones just don't do it for!
    And congrats on being on top of your workouts thie past few weeks! You go! :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  21. Oh..and by the way, love the Relay for life pictures! Ours was April 20th. Did your team stay the whole time? Ours was 12 hours, how about yours? I heard some are 24...


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