Pet Peeves

I blogged about things I love then things I hate - so technically I should blog about things I love again - but I'm going with my pet peeves instead!

Cami's Pet Peeves...

-Leaving the timer on microwave.
Ok, lets say you take out whatever was in the microwave early - is it necessary to not cancel the remaining time out? For example, if you took it out 0:30s early - why do you leave that up?! Why can't you "cancel" it and then it show the current time? Irks me!

-Nail polish chipping/peeling/etc.
As most of you know, I have always had issues with nail polish. Why can't my nail polish last more than 24 hours? Sigh.

-Flowers dying too soon
Ok, you spend $15 on a nice bouquet and it lasts 5 days??! Meanwhile, I've spent as little as $5 for a decent bouquet with some great "flower feeder" and it's lasted 2 weeks. That's the way it should be!

-Smelly towels
After just using a bath towel a couple of times why doesn't it smell fresh??! I can't stand when it smells gross.

-When someone will text you instead of calling you back
HELLO - you obviously got my voicemail since you are texting me you have laryngitis? No? Well what's the deal?

-Negative Nancies
Not everything is as bad as you say/think it is. And I don't want your negativity all up on me.

-Lack of Manners
If I take the time to cook you dinner or do something for you - all I would like it a "thank you" - it's not asking for much.

-People Cursing in Public
I choose not to speak like that, therefore I certainly do not want to hear it. What irks me even more is when there are little kids around!

What are your pet peeves?


  1. I am sooooo with you on the microwave thing, drives me batty!

    Lack of manners, especially in children...EWW!


  2. I am the same way with the microwave!! :)

  3. I laughed when I read this because I am ALWAYS getting irritated over the timer being left on the microwave!! As if it takes so much out of us to just clear it ourselves. lol. Stinky towels are the worst too. Ugh!

    have a great day!!

  4. OOOOOOOO that first one for sure. Nothing drives me crazy quicker than people not clearing the time on the microwave! It's funny the little things that really get under your skin isn't it?! I agree with all the other ones too!

  5. THe microwave thing drives me NUTS!!! I am also huge on manners.

    I do curse quite a bit, but NEVER around kids or certain groups of people.

    Oh and I HATE that my nail polish chips within hours of applying it!

  6. Everytime I go to my microwave lately, that is the SAME issue I have been seeing. It's so annoying!

  7. I don't like the microwave thing too! My husband does it quite often. Haha.

  8. My boyfriend doesn't like that microwave thing... and seeing as it's only us who live here... i guess I am the culprit! Eeek. My biggest irk of late is when I go down to our laundry room in our building, someone has always used MY laundry detergent! So annoying.

    Love Elle xo

  9. I can relate to most of these! lol

  10. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! i def agree with you on the microwave thing AND the nail polish thing...that is exactly why i don't really paint my nails b/c it only last a few days! New Follower via email :-)

  11. I can relate to the microwave one! Speaking of which.. I see :8 right now... ugh!! lol

  12. I hate it when towels smell that way too! One of my biggest pet peeves is people who interrupt conversations with their own story. I HATE that and someone at work does that all the time!

  13. Ha! My brother has the same exact pet peeve with the microwave! He's away in Navy training right now so we think of him often because we are SO guilty of leaving time up! Something that helps towels: Washing with bleach. (if they're colored, put some in the wash and allow to dilute with water before adding towels in. It works really well. You can also use baking soda and vinegar and they will help a lot too! I agree- flowers need to live longer!!! The last ones I got lasted just a few days even with flower food :( I love to hang them upside down to dry and display on the wall with some pretty colored ribbon around the stems. It adds a really nice touch and you can think often of who they were from. Nail polish: Holy crap. I have NO luck with nail polish! mine chip like an hOUR later! What is up with that?! They need a good kind of super duper strong polish that doesn't chip like that! Happy Monday!!

  14. The timer on the microwave bothers me sooo much!!!!

    Negative nancies are superrrrr annoying, couldn't agree more. Have some positivity, people!

    Also the cursing is a big pet peeve of mine too--especially at baseball games and football games!

  15. Stinky towels bothered me for years, but Laura's vinegar and baking soda trick really works. No need for bleach!
    Google it, or try this one:

  16. omygoodness, we have so many of the same pet peeves. as i type, i am looking at my very sad manicure that i just got on saturday. it was so so cute. a very bright orangey pink. and it peeled like you cant imagine. it literally came off in big chunks.
    the pretty flowers i bought last week and now wilting bc of the lack of sunlight the past week. but i guess i can't be mad, they lasted pretty long.
    i can't stand when the mr snores. seriously, i think of evil things when he snores lol
    and when people chew really loud...ewwww!
    thanks for sharing, pretty lady!


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