Tasty Tuesday, 5.22.12 - Pinterest Version

I have been Pinterest-obsessed lately...I feel like more & more people are planning their meals based off of Pinterest. Is that you?

So, lets link up some delicious pinterest-finds (or other recipes you might have!)

Cami's Recipes...

I think I'll make this on Wednesday...

What would V do if I did this?! Hahah :)
Source: foodgawker.com via Cami on Pinterest

A chicken recipe I want try - instead of chicken quesadillas

Black bean BROWNIES!!! I am so interested to try this...

I've been wanting to try making this forever...

This sounds like a little bit of heaven...
Have you tried any of these recipes? If so, what did you think?


  1. The crab is so cute!!!!!!!!!

  2. That steak marinade looks yummy! You'll have to share if you like it. I have found a lot of good recipes from good ol pinterest!

  3. I'm always pinning and trying recipes on Pinterest. It's where I get almost all of my meal ideas!

  4. thank you for sharing all of these, cami. that marinade looks awesome...steve is all about marinades. i will save it to my favorites. i've always wanted to try black bean brownies. and that last concoction looks amazing.
    wishing you and v a wonderful tuesday <3

  5. Mmm so many good recipes!! I should totally try the crab idea! I got animal shape cookie cutters but have yet to do anything with them for my son! Fun idea! I've heard about those brownies! They sound really interesting!!

  6. Yum! That steak look amazing!! I'm almost curious about the brownies, might have to try them out. I've made the kale chips---delightful!!!

  7. I DEFINITELY am using pinterest to meal plan. It's crazy. I could (and do) look at food for hours on there lol.

  8. Yum! Pinterest is the best! :)

  9. Definitely been making my grocery lists off pinterest lately! And you should totally make that lil crab because it's adorbs.

  10. I like the chicken... but the crab looks so good!
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