Silk'n Go Flash & Go Laser Hair Removal System!

As a female, I am thoroughly tired of shaving. Seriously. Ok, shaving my underarms isn’t TOO bad – it’s pretty quick and easy. Everything else is a huge pain in the butt (I think.)

I have always wanted to wax (but been too scared of the level of pain) or do a laser removal system. I was so excited when Silk’n gave me the opportunity to review their Flash and Go product!

The Silk’n Flash and Go is a significant money saver! If you get laser hair removal done at a salon, you could easily spend near $2,000. Not only cost-effective, but the product and treatment sessions are very simple and fairly quick. (And it doesn’t hurt like waxing does!) If you are removing hair from a private area, you can use the product from the privacy of your own bathroom!

Silk’n Flash and Go warns that those with dark skin tones, the system is not recommended. The system cannot detect he difference between the hair and skin – therefore the system will not be nearly as effective. (This is no different than a professional laser system.)

There are many home laser hair removal systems that are unable to work properly on your face. This system works and is safe to use on your face!

I live in Florida…on the beach…so naturally, I am tan! With that being said, I was limited with the areas I could use the system! Due to the tan my skin is glowing with and that I am in a bikini pretty much every day, I decided to use the Flash and Go on my bikini area. (I would love to share photos with you to show how great it works…but, sorry…that is a private area for me that I don’t want plastered on the internet.)

After the first treatment, I didn’t notice much of a difference. The second treatment proved that this product is a great success!

I was a little nervous to use the system to start…I wasn’t sure how uncomfortable it would be and how much it would hurt. (I am such a baby.) Luckily, the treatment was a little uncomfortable but it did not hurt like I thought it would.

For anyone who is looking to try a laser hair removal system, I highly recommend giving Silk’n Flash and Go a try! The price is very competitive to others on the market, it is easy to use, the pain level isn’t too terrible, and the clean up is easy!

Silk’n has offered a discount code to the readers of First Day of My Life! You can receive 20% off of anything on with the code “NYNY.”

Disclaimer: Silk’n Flash and Go provided the product for me to review. 
All opinions are 100% my own and an honest opinion was given.


  1. Interesting! Now...question long does the hair removal last? Is it a true hair removal or does it just make the thick?


  2. I must be out of the loop. I've never heard of this! Looks awesome.. and probably worth the price, for those who can afford it!

  3. I have seen several different brands and always wondered about it! I really might have to check this one out! :)

  4. Mm so this is like so awesome!! Nice to hear your voice.

  5. Good morning Cami, I am playing hooky from church this morning because I am worn out from two weeks of entertaining a dear blogging friend from Canada. She surprised me with a two week visit and time for my computer was just not there. I admit missing church this way is a poor excuse but I just felt I needed to stay home.

    I have missed your posts and my visits to you. I am back visiting my blogging friends and very happy to have the time. Your video was so much fun to watch and I love listening too your presentation. I am thankful to not wear a bikini at my age. HA! You look and sound like a professional ad. I would be encouraged to buy this but I have no need for hair removal. I would like my hair (on my head) to get thicker. HA!

    Have a blessed Sunday dear Cami.
    xo, Jeanne

  6. Oh my gosh, I forgot to link and I have no idea why Teresa's name came up. She is a blogging friend of mine. I can assure you the above comment is mine. Big smile here.
    Love, Jeanne

  7. Hi Cami, I know why my link is wrong. a friend of mine used my computer. I am trying to fix it. This is a test.
    xo, Jeanne

  8. So glad it worked well for you. I've always been interested in products like these. I have to laugh bc I just spent too much time shaving an hr ago.
    I steal Steve's razor all the time. Lol
    You are beautiful, Cami. Love the minty nailpolish color. And your tan.
    I want to thank you SO much for all your love and support along our journey. Means so very much to us.
    And thank you for being kind and thoughtful and caring.
    Much love to you always.
    Have a wonderful day.

  9. Interesting post! I'll have to check that out.

  10. Great post and this looks like a great product. Love the affordability of it and that I can do it in the privacy of my own home vs going to a spa and getting waxed or getting an expensive laser treatment at a dr. Just in time for these hairy legs to get ready for summer!

  11. Any idea on how long the coupon code is valid for? I'm thinking of saving up for one, but the code is a great deal!

  12. Loved your video :) I have a Flash & Go and after 5 treatments the hair on my legs is GONE! No more shaving this summer for me. Definitely worth the money.

  13. Just wanted to let you know I used your discount code to purchase a Flash & Go and I love it! Painless and really works. Thanks so much for this!!!

  14. I just came across your blog and found it be really helpful in my evaluation

  15. as a black woman i am thoroughly disappointed that the product does not work well on women of colour because we are 'too dark'. This cycle keeps repeating it self and its frustrating. When it comes to new cosmetics, products for white females (or males) are always released first. Same thing happened when the BB cream was all the rave. There limitless shades of caucasian colours but not only were there few shades for black women, it was barely released at the same time with the lighter shades. it became more popular after. And then now i see a commercial for a device that sounds so awesome to me.I do some research and oops.. not for me because I'm black.. i mean come on. Its 2014! How long are black women going to be second fiddle when it comes to cosmetics! we are women to and have the same needs as our Caucasian sisters. Please tend to us EQUALLY!

  16. I have been having professional laser hair removal on my whole face for almost 2 yrs. I AM SOOO DISAPPOINTED!!!! It has worked a little but it seems MORE THICKER hair has grown in certain areas. I am soo embarrassed that I have to shave. I finally decided to buy the Silk N Flash. I just got it today and will def. let you know how it goes. I'm VERY excited!!!

  17. is that really 100% permanent hair removal??? how many times need to change the cartridge???


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