June 1, 2012

Dear May...

Dear May...
Where did you go? You came just as fast as you went. Goodness.

Thank you for: my multiple beach days with some great friends...for a fabulous Mother's Day with my beautiful mother...for some fantastic new recipes...for my new business venture...for a validation of feelings with my blogging pet peeve...for random flowers & love cards...for a great graduation celebration for V's sister...for being able to meet up with one of my beautiful boardies...for some flat waves in the ocean - that means I'll go swimming...for a adorable birthday party for my god-daughter...

Thank you for being a month that was full of wonderful things (except for the horrid heat & humidity!) However...I hope June shows you up ;)


  1. Can you believe how fast May swooped right by us!? I cannot believe it is already June.

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. May definitely sounds like it is a month to remember. It will be hard to top but I have a feeling you can do it. Maybe June will include a hot yoga class?

  3. Yes, May is one of my favorite months too, Cami, as it is my birthday month. I am glad June is here though - also a good month. It sounds like you have been so busy lately. This year is going by fast, and soon it will be Sept. and Nel will be married. Have a fun weekend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. What a great month... despite the heat and humidity! June has a lot to live up to! Have a great weekend!

  5. My May was practically horrendous, after an ultra disastrous April!
    Here's to hoping June brings respite!

  6. Glad that May was such a great month for you! I hope June tops it! ;)

  7. may was certainly an eventful month! i'm so happy that it was good to you, despite the crazy hot weather. i don't know what's going on here in PA. one day it's pushing 90 and the next it's not even 70. i'll take it somewhere in the middle. ;)

    i hope that june is good to you and your loves, cami! i know it will be!
    sending tons of love and thoughts your way!
    maria <3


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