Friday Letters, 6.29.12

dear sunshine: I am so thankful you are finally out. I hope I can enjoy you at some point this weekend.     dear big toe: I am sorry a dumbbell fell on you. I hope you feel better soon since you sure look miserable. (And feel miserable, too!)     dear straight hair: I've missed you. You sure do feel nice when I can run my fingers through my hair.     dear sister: I'm glad you decided to change your facebook relationship status before telling me first. Not.     dear momma: I hope your poor meniscus feels better...soon, too! :(     dear friend: please do not constantly complain about your boyfriend and how upset you are at him and expect me not to sugar coat anything...especially when I see you hurting.     dear wheatgrass seeds: I wish you would start working for me...I want to start juicing wheatgrass!    dear time: Can there please be more of you? I need more hours in the day so I can get things done!     dear V's laptop: please never do what you did the other night. You're lucky he backs everything up - or else you would have been in a LOT of trouble.     dear pedicure: Oh how I enjoyed you last week...I have missed you!     dear day off: I need one...bad. I'm going on over a month now with no days off. It's getting mighty mentally exhausting.     dear reader: You are beautiful :) Don't you forget it!

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  1. Oh my gosh you dropped a dumbbell on your toe??? OUCH! Hope it heals!

    You are beautiful! And I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Your poor TOE! Ouchy!!
    And I seriously wish I had curly hair! I'd love to have the option to have it curly, or straight :)

  3. I hate Facebook for that... seeing news on FB before you're told is the worst. And I'm totally with you on, I could use some more of that!!

  4. Oh my goodness... your poor toe! I hope it gets better soon. I had a friend who would complain all the time about her relationship and then she would ask me what I thought. I told her I thought her boyfriend was a scum bag and that she should leave him. She was not too happy with me. I told her that if she wanted to hear the truth to call me, but if she wanted someone to blow smoke up her ass she needed to call someone else. Apparently she preferred the smoke up her ass because we're not friends. Anyways, Have a lovely weekend and get some rest!

  5. Yay the sunshine's back! It's HOT here today...the high is predicted at 97 with heat advisories. Take care of your poor toe :( ouch!

  6. Oh goodness I know that must hurt! Ouch. Working non-stop is exhausting in every way...hope you get time off soon. :)

  7. Poor toe! Thank stinks!! Hope it and your are back to normal soon!! Have a great weekend!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  8. Wow! That was nice of your sister! I HATE when friends complain about guys and then don't do anything about it! There are plenty of people in the world you don't have to be with someone that makes you miserable! And if you are going to stay with them then stop complaining!

  9. I've been wanting to plant wheat grass seeds for awhile now but haven't actually done it yet - let me know how growing them goes!! And I totally know what you mean by running your fingers through straight hair...I have wavy/curly hair so I never get to do that!

  10. I could say a lot of those same things - especially the time!! But your poor toe... I hope the sun stays out and your wheatgrass grows!!!

  11. I found out that my sister has a new boyfriend this week via Facebook as well! what-up sister?

  12. you deserve a day or two or ten off!!! omygoodness, you're one hard working girl. :)
    ahhh, pedicures...aren't they amazing?! i wish i could wake up to one every single day. lol. in my dreams. they are just so relaxing and put your whole mind and body at ease.
    i'm so sorry to hear your toe got a dumbell smashed on it. ouch!! feel better, cami's toe!!
    your mom will be in my thoughts.
    i hope that the weekend is good to you and your loves. i'm sure it's beautiful where you're at. it is so sticky hot here. feels like 105!! :)
    wishing you a sweet night, cami <3

  13. I LOVE this post -- such a cute way to write <3

    I hope your big toe feels better -- did the pedicure help him or her out? ;) LOVE those things - I got my first one in forever a couple of weeks ago -- I forgot how much I loved them.

    I hope you're able to play catch up on all that you have to do -- but that you still have time to relax! :)

    Hope you're having a good weekend, Cami <3


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