Thankful Thursday, 6.28.12

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I am thankful for...
being able to randomly have dinner with my parents & sister instead of having to plan it a month in advance and then travel a bunch. Such a blessing that we all live (fairly) close to one another!

that tropical storm Debby wasn't as terrible as originally depicted/imagined. I do feel like a vampire though - no sun for about a week! We did need the rain though :)

being able to have a loving man to confide in, wonderful family & great friends when the time comes for it

that V & his grandfather had an amazing time in Miami over the weekend for a big soccer "all star" game. It was the first soccer game for both of them and the fact that they were able to enjoy it together makes it that much better!

my workouts are going great! Woohoo. I see my muscle again ;) Love that feeling.

planning a vacation for the end of excited!

the fact that every night I am excited & happy to be blessed enough to come home to V. <3

that I have friends to share yummy & delicious new recipes with! (along with my bloggy friends of course!)

songs that bring you back to the first moment you heard them!

delicious wine. YUM.

a good friend recently getting incredibly excited for her! Can't wait to help her plan. AND she said I was going to be in the bridal party <3

discovering dark chocolate covered pomegranate...(!!)

since I have to be at work on Sunday, I am at least thankful I am able to watch church online! Better than nothing :)

that a lovely member at work brought this delicious sweet treat...SO GOOD!! And makes me so happy that they would think of me to bring :)

Now...what are you thankful for?
When I write everything down like this, it makes me feel so incredibly blessed and incredibly happy inside :)

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  1. Those are some fantastic things to be thankful for!

  2. you always have an awesome list! we are so on the same page about music, i actually had it included in my list this week as well! <3

  3. Awesome list :) I need to find some chocolate covered pomegranate, that sounds so good!

  4. Love your list! I'm glad that Debby wasn't so bad! That chocolate covered pomegranate sounds interesting and that treat looks delish!

  5. I know what you mean! TS Debby didn't let us see the sun for too long ;) My kiddo was chomping at the bit to get outside. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  6. I'm with you Cami...I feel the same...when I write down the thankful stuff...I feel like I can fly. Love your list and can't wait to hear where you're going end of July. Wow..tropical storms...glad it wssn't bad...and that you're safe. I love your amazing spirit...Have a super day out there.

  7. So glad you're doing ok with Debby! Love your list :) Oh and I loved your guest post on BTD...great stuff!

  8. Glad all was safe through the storm! :)

    (And I LOOOVE songs that take me back to a memory... my favorite!)

  9. I wish I could do dinner with my family whenever I wanted - you are a lucky girl!!! Great post pretty lady!

  10. So thankful that you weren't affected too badly by Debbie. I had my eye on it when it was aiming itself towards Texas, as my husband and daughter are on their way there now. I always love your Thankful Thursday posts and am thankful that you like up with me every week! :)

  11. Vacation planning is great! Dark chocolate covered pomegranate sound yummy, need to look for some of those. And that last thing, um yum what is that coconut?

  12. Love this!Isn't it neat to have such a great friend/hubby to confide in? The best part of marriage is having a best friend. And, yeah it takes some work, and there are the days he might drive you nuts, but it is so worth it! Glad to hear V had a good time in Miami! How special to get to go with his Grandpa. Where are you going on vacation to in July?

  13. Love new recipes! That treat looks great!

  14. yum to dark chocolate pomegranates....did you find that at walmart by chance? i always used to buy them there. they are so good!! and i bet good with some red wine!
    it sounds like v and his grandfather had a wonderful time at the soccer cute that they got to spend that time together.
    and that dessert looks amazing!!!
    i've been getting a sweet tooth lately.
    sending lots of love your way, beautiful lady!


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