How to Stand Out from Every Other Girl and Get Him to Notice you this Summer

Until recently, I had never taken part of a Twitter chat before. I participated in one last week and it was SO FUN! Not only was it fun – I made some friends. (Twitter is so neat for that, isn’t it?)

Anyways, the Twitter chat was all about getting “him” to notice you this summer – tips of dating, tips on how to get noticed, tips as to where to go to meet some fellas (or not to go!), what to wear, what guys are looking for, what attracts them and what does not, etc. It was so interesting to hear other’s points of views.

Right after the Twitter chat, the brilliant Rori Raye hosted a live chat. She talked about dating, relationships, what to do to get a man's attention, etc.

One of the most interesting aspects of her chat was when she said it was not important to have similar interests with a potential boyfriend or husband. What IS important is to have core values that are similar. These values include honesty, trusting, etc. As long as core values are similar, everything else will fall into place. If one person likes a particular spot, the other will learn to like it because they want to spend time with their significant other. It is all about learning one another’s likes and dislikes and having a common ground of good “old fashioned” values.

Miss Raye is extremely talented and full of much wisdom. She has a Relationship Advice Newsletter that is of no charge. Throughout the newsletter, Miss Rori teaches you how to express your feelings and how to connect with a man and inspire his love. When reading, you will also learn about body language – how to use your body language to magnetize a man and how to gain his attention without putting on a fake front or going after him too strong. With Miss Rori’s guidance, you will also learn the ingredients to creating a relationship that satisfies you “in ways you never dreamed possible.”

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Miss Rori did a live ustream chat last Wednesday & taught us so much! If you would like to see what you missed - check it out here:

Isn't she just adorable? 

I always think it's so interesting to get other's point of views and advice on relationships. The more point of views and the more opinions - the better. I think it helps you to not have a tantrum when conflict arises, but most importantly - when you are trying to catch the eye of a handsome fella!

Disclaimer: I was asked to blog about Rori Raye's dating tips & relationship advice. I was not asked to write about it in a particular fashion or way. All opinions and everything written is 100% honest and truthful.

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