TV Habits?

Another conversation topic!

How much time do you spend watching television a night...or for some, per week?

It came up with a gentleman at work that we don't have a tv at home...he said we were weird. We have a tv in the bedroom that we rarely watch. V uses it maybe about 20 minutes a night playing video games. We'll watch something we choose to put on (not just to have it on) on the computer.

I watch Dancing with the Stars and Castle on Monday nights with my aunt...but that's more to hang out. If I miss a week or two for one reason or another, I don't usually "catch up" on it.

How often do you watch tv? Do you let it rule your life? Do you not go out on a Tuesday night because you're watching "your show" ??!

What's your tv habits?


  1. We probably watch more TV than we should, but I don't think we're addicted. We have a TV, but we use Hulu or Amazon Prime through the PS3 to watch TV shows, so we tend to save them up and watch a few episodes at once on a lazy day or evening.

  2. I'm not afraid to say that I love tv. I only watch an hour or so on the weekdays and I love wasting away on the couch watching my DVr on the weekends. I don't skip human interaction however. It is just a favorite way to pass the time

  3. We watch way more TV than you - it's probably not healthy! :(

  4. I grew up without a TV and think I learned a lot of other skills that way. That being said, my hubby likes to come home from work and relax by watching a show on Netflix so we probably end up watching about an hour or so a day!

  5. i'm watching tv right now. lol the wonderful and hilarious LMN. these made for tv movies have a way about them. they are sometimes so dumb, they are so good. lol i shamelessly admit i'm in love with them.
    during the day i rarely ever watch tv. but at night, especially if i can't sleep, i watch a few hours.
    steve and i usually have a show or two each season we get hooked on.
    and sometimes have movie or tv marathons with netflix.


  6. I had a period of time where I was definitely guilty of letting TV run my life. I'd actually feel anxiety from needing to catch up, or from missing a show. I realized a big part of that was feeling the need to converse on twitter while a show was on live lol. Now, I don't get too wrapped up if I miss an episode or two. I do catch up, but not in a rush. I do love TV shows though. It's a huge past time for me any the hubs.

  7. As with LaNeshe, I used to spend far too much time watching TV. I have achieved so much more since I reduced my TV time. I don't think it is bad in itself, but it is too easy to get sucked in to it being a bad habit.


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