Thankful Thursday, 6.21.12

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I am thankful for...

everyone's comfort, support, and love when I wrote about my sweet Buddy...thank you for the words of wisdom when dealing with furbabies leaving our lives...

I know I've said it before but my favorite thing about blogging is new relationships...that can cultivate from randomly finding one another's blogs or from blog swaps :)

dark chocolate covered almonds. Need I say more? YUM.

sharing recipes with friends at the gym...I love trying new ones!

being on a roll with working out...oh how it feels so good

being able to hang out with friends I haven't seen in quite some time! Always so great to catch up with them

being told "I look prettier every day." Thanks,'re the best <3

fixing 2 toilets at work! Yup. All by myself.

finding the PERFECT protein bar recipe...sales are going great for them at the juice bar!

having funds to purchase new nail polish...heehee!

making a delicious paleo diet!! (and leftovers for lunch...yay!)

Dove chocolate wisdom...goes with the "Thankful Thursday theme" too :D

cherries! I've blogged about this already...but oh my gosh. Is it bad that I went through one bag...about 2 day? Am I going to turn into a cherry? ;)

my home. I am so thankful for my home <3


Now...what are YOU thankful for?

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  1. Oh my.... I've been absent from blogland for too long! You are SO SWEET, Cami! I love this post. So many amazing things to be thankful for!
    And now I'm going to get off my bum and go work out, because you are right! It DOES feel good! (I have to keep telling myself that because I think it actually makes my pregnant body hurt worse. Bleh.)

  2. your posts always make me smile and always make me hungry! :)
    yum to the cherries and dinner!! i was just eating dove chocolate the litte saying in them.
    i love that you got new nail polish :)
    i'll be thinking about you and saying big prayers, cami!
    lots and lots and lots of love
    maria <3

  3. I've been eating cherries daily but they're so expensive!!! And I need to try those chocolate covered almonds.

  4. Well I am thankful for YOU and this link up. And your list. It really made me smile. I haven't read about Buddy yet though... but :( I'm afraid to because I will probably be a weepy bawling mess right before bed time. But then I will just come back to the picture of your beautiful home and remember that it will all be ok.

  5. Noel took the words right out of my mouth... I was going to say that I haven't read about Buddy yet but if I do now before bed, I will be a bawling mess with puffy eyes :( I will have to come read when I wake up... <3

    Mmm... cherries. and I am pretty impressed you fixed those toilets. you go girl!

  6. Hey your list and boy can I relate....choc yum and hanging with friends haven't seen in how we just pick up where we left off. YOu fixed two super wow. Way to go Girl.....Have an awesome day out there....YOu shine Cami..

  7. wow... you fixed 2 toilets by yourself?!? i'm impressed. and omg- love me some cherries. have you tried the rainier cherries yet?? you must. you will love.

  8. You are so right - being on a roll with working out does feel SO good! I'm ready to feel that again, so I'm getting off my lazy butt TONIGHT and making it happen! :)

  9. Chocolate Almonds rock!!! I am so sorry about Buddy and that was such a precious post. I hope you have a wonderful week and so glad the protein bar is working for you!!

  10. good for you knowing how to fix a toilet! i dont even know how to unclog one! haha. i actually kind of like it that way :)

  11. Way to go on fixing the toilets!...and it's okay about the cherries. It could be worse, you could totally be eating two pounds of ice cream each day! =)

  12. What's that recipe, lady? :-D

    P.S. I got your email and I am NOT ignoring you, I just want to be able to take the time to reply and not give you a hurried reply in between changing diapers, working out, sleeping, etc. :-D

    Love you!!!


  13. Love that I found another blog who does Thankful Thursday posts! They are my favorite to write each week!
    So excited to link up!

  14. Great list!

    Dark Chocolate is the best! Way to go on your handy skills with fixing those toilets! You go girl. ;)

    Love that last picture!

  15. I love he dove sayings and that one was perfect! Mmmmmmm fresh cherries are the best! Missed out linking up this week but Ill be back next week.


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