June Birchbox

Time for my fifth Birchbox...

If you've been living under a box, Birchbox is a fun piece of mail you get once a month! It's a mere $10/month and you get 4-6 beauty products based on your beauty profile you fill out.

The theme of June's Birchbox was "Jet Set" - products that are a "must" when traveling...lets see if if June was 2 thumbs up or not...

My box included: 

Does it jet set?

Comodynes - Self-Tanning Intensive
Towelettes that provide a natural-looking tan. Pretty cool! A pack of 8 is $15 - not bad! Not sure how many towelettes it takes for the product to work on a body part - but its' a pretty neat concept!! I like this. I'm currently tan so unable to test it out...but I will let you know when I do!

Stila - One Step Bronze
Ok, as much as I love being a "girly girl", I know nothing about being one. I've never used a bronzer before in my life. So...I need help! Any tips? This product is a 3-in-1 bronzer, primer, and serum. Pretty neat! I did a squirt on my hand to see what color it is - it's pretty dark. Darker than my skin. But I guess that's what it's supposed to be like? A full size of this is $36. This sample was pretty large - I was happy with it! I am sure that I got my ten dollars worth in just this.

theBalm Cosmetics - Stainiac in Beauty Queen
This is a 2-in-1 lip and cheek stain. It's a gel so it's supposed to last for quite some time. A full size is $17. I'm not crazy about the color...at all. It looks like Red Koolaid. Unless I'm using it wrong? Look at the hideous color...

Wonderstruck - Taylor Swift
Another perfume sample? Boo. A full size of this is $50-$60...pretty normal for perfume. The smell is pretty decent. I don't think I'd purchase a full size.

Luna Bar
I've loved Luna's - I always have. I was happy I got a peanut butter flavored one! I wish the size was bigger...but, I know it's just supposed to be a sample. ;) I think it's neat they included this (I know many people do not think so) but for people who've never tried a Luna before - I bet now they're hooked!

What's in your Birchbox this month?


  1. I got a lot of the same things - instead of the Luna bar I got like a wrappy headband thingy - it was a better box than I have been getting lately - but still not in love yet :)

  2. That bronzer is full size! I got it too and that waaaay more than paid for the box. The stainiac shows up very lightly on your lips. So lightly that I use several coats of it. Definitely does not look like it does on your hand! Try it!

  3. Everytime I read about this, I think how I must do it and then forget until the next month when I read about it. I am forcing myself to start this asap!!

    And I love Luna! Have you tried the Chocolate Dipped Coconut?? Heaven!

  4. The only products I use are hair and Chapstick so I don't think a birchbox is for me. If it was all shack samples though I'd be on board!

  5. Your box is way better then mine! I would of loved this box ... I was scared of the stain color too but its actually pretty on my lips it looks like i ate a cherry ice :)

  6. I love Luna bars too! I agree the lip color is a bit Kool-aid, hahha.

  7. Those tan towelettes and bronzer look awesome!!
    I admit, I'm a bit of a clown when it comes to makeup sometimes...and I kinda like the color of the lip stain LOL but sometimes stains are tricky.
    I love luna bars!

    Hope you and V are having a sweet weekend! Lots of love, beautiful girl!

  8. We want your help!

  9. I can't wait to use that Stainiac! I wish I could help you with that bronzer, but I don't use any of that stuff on my face! Let me know how it works out. Lucky you to be tan! Must be that Florida sun. I got the tanning towelettes too and since my husband said my legs wer pasty white maybe I should give them a try.


  10. I'm a little jealous of your bronzer, but I have been using a BB and am totally loving it. I got the tanning wipes too and seeing as I am ghostly white I think I will try them out this week.

  11. I got the Luna bar in my first box, I was glad that I got it in my first box, so I could find out for free that I don't like it! Thanks for linking up!

  12. Regarding the bronzer, just put a tiny squirt on the back of your hand and then use your finger to dab some on your cheekbones. Blend it in and you'll have a beautiful glow! The Stainiac works the same way - a few dabs will do it!


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