Thankful Thursday, 6.14.12

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I am thankful for...

-staying on top of my workouts & feeling great!

-being told "if I was 25, I'd be asking you out" - a simple, cute yet sincere compliment :)

-people visiting my juice bar from the gym! It makes me so happy that they take time out of their schedule to grab a juice! (Also family members visiting, too!!:)

-being told from my boss "and that's why I love ya!" 

-back rubs! oh how they put me to sleep!

-the iPhone ap "Bible Is" - I can listen to the Bible during my beach walks <3
-being a part of my first twitter chat (@firstdayofmylif) - I learned so much!

-being incredibly busy - I love being productive! 

-my uncle's girlfriend's healing - she had a stroke on Friday...she had a blood clot in the brain - they said 98% of people do not survive the surgery and she did...amen! Currently she is in coma, but she will beat this.

-soon to be cherry season...yay! Cherries are one of my favorite fruits :)

-having some great ideas for the juice bar for the Fourth of July! The Fourth of July is usually always incredibly busy down by the beach - I'm excited to be able to play a part of it in a business sense

-I wasn't as disappointing in this month's BIrchbox, when compared to other's...some people got Band-Aids...I wasn't particularly thrilled with mine but it wasn't horrible.

-new friendships with my lovely bloggers :)

-finding out you can adopt a sea turtle nest...eeeek!! Can't wait to find out more about it!

-a friend is going to take the Florida Bar Exam soon - I got a letter from the Florida Board of Bar Examiners give my opinion of my he trusting, etc. Makes me feel good :)

-peanut butter Ben & Jerry's when I was craving some sweets the past couple of days!

-my beautiful home...

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  1. sounds lovely... I am thankful for my friends at the moment.

  2. you can adopt sea turtles nest?? EEK!

  3. Once again thank you for the link up. Found you on twitter tonight, YAY! I need that top thankful note to be my own next week.

  4. Love your list! So many exciting things going on in your life! :)

  5. Hey girl!! Great things going on in your neck of the woods this week! :) I'm so excited for you. Hope you have a wonderful week!!!!

  6. back rubs....the best. Your list is awesome make life sound the best. Love love love your thankful spirit

  7. Oh yay adopting a sea turtle nest, that's cool! Mmmmmm Ben and Jerry's! What a beautiful home it is! Good luck with the juice bar on the 4th!

  8. Great list this week, Cami! Especially the blog friends :)

  9. i'm particularly happy and thankful for our beautiful weather today :)

    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  10. Your list of thankfuls is always SO positive and uplifting! :) Thanks for hosting!

  11. I'm pretty grateful for Ben & Jerry's "Half-Baked" myself!!! =D

  12. so jealous that you live at the beach!!

  13. Back rubs, validation at work and Pb (not lead) ice cream?! Life is good. My prayers to your uncle and his girlfriend

  14. I love cute compliments :)

  15. Keeping your uncles's gf in my prayers!
    You always have such wonderful things to be thankful for. Yum to that ice cream. I've been craving more now that it's getting hot!

    Ahh, and you can adopt a sea turtle nest? That's too cool.
    I'm happy you're doing well and feeling good and having awesome success with your juice bar! You deserve every bit of happiness, Cami!
    Thank you for your cheerful and wonderful words always.

    PS...back rubs rock. Except Steve kinda stinks @ em'! LOL

    Have a fabulous weekend, pretty lady!

  16. Will be praying for your uncle's girlfriend!!


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