June 12's Happy List...

Just a few things today that make me happy...

It's sea turtle season! A sea turtle made some babies right by our house last night/early this morning. (Check it out, you can see the date it was found on the left post.) I hope we can watch them hatch! 

Date night last night - of course, we had some delicious sushi! The one to the left was a "Toasted Almond Roll" and the one to the right was a "Pina Colada Roll." -yum! The other two rolls (not pictured) -  "Beauty & the Beast" & "Spicy Tuna"

After delicious sushi, we watched a lightning storm from 
our house...so beautiful & kind of romantic, too :) I am
happy that I am blessed with a wonderful relationship
where we can really enjoy one another's company <3

Happy 300 followers to Sarah...congratulations to you - I am happy for you! :) Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity <3

What are YOU happy for today?


Last minute happy thought: I have Tasty Tuesday going on & there are lots of delicious recipes to try out!

Tasty Tuesday


  1. Yay! You linked up. And great things to be happy about. I love the idea of baby sea turtles right out your back door. And who doesn't love sushi?

    Thanks for playing along, and have a fabulous Tuesday!

  2. Sushi always makes me happy too. I was scared of it for the longest time and now I'm all but president of the fan club. Baby turtles?! Awesome.

  3. That sea turtles thing is awesome. Reminds me of that Nicholas Sparks movie The Last Song!

  4. sea turtles!!!! i want a baby one! lol

  5. Thanks for the invite to your link up cam! oh the Yummy treats to try:)

  6. I just found your blog through Anna's blog:) I'm looking forward to following you:)

  7. That sushi looks delicious! I've been craving it lately and now I think I'm going to have to make it a point to get some soon.

  8. This week? Happy to have an entire fridge full of good healthy food! Soo nice! We had a little bit of extra money and stocked up at Costco (you probably don't have those out there since it's a Northwest thing ;-) It's like Sam's Club in case you don't ;-) ) Other things making me happy: sunshine, busy days, making memories, spending way too much time at Michael's... yeah.. pretty much!

  9. awww, baby sea turtles! soo cute! i can't wait to see pictures if you end up seeing them.
    that sushi looks AMAZING, cami! omygoodness, i want to go to that restaurant now! lol
    toasted almond and pina colada...yum!
    i love rain and thunder storms...they are so romantic. you're right!
    i hope the rest of your week continues to be wonderful!!

  10. I hope you get to see the sea turtles! :)

  11. Awww baby sea turtles!! Your sushi dinner looked amazing! =)


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