Fairytale Saturday

After a long day of work on Saturday and week six of no days off, Cami was a tired lady. Once calling it a day at the juice bar, she went home to change into her bathing suit. Walking right out her front door to view her beautiful front yard - the ocean, she met up with some friends and her beau.

It was about five hours in the almost 100 degree sun when the beach lovers called it a day after much fun in the sun.

The lovebirds were so excited to get back inside to shower, great ready, have a nice date night, and most importantly enjoy a delicious meal together.

Frustration soon came over Cami as she tried to use the key that she hid in the front of their doorway. After panicking, her handsome fella tried to come to the rescue. Quickly they came to the conclusion that the brown eyed girl hid the wrong key.

They were locked out. 

Sun kissed, wet from swimming in the ocean, hungry, and exhausted - brown eyed girl's fella stepped away from the door and kept it calm. It was then her job to figure it out. He did not yell, he did not get vulgar. He kept it calm. Cami quickly called their landlord and handyman, hoping that one of them were close enough to come by with a spare key.

Good news was in the atmosphere - only an hour (which turned into about an hour and a half) was necessary to pass the time before the bearer of good news, Mr. Handyman, would come to their rescue.

After finding a comfortable seat to view the beautiful ocean, Mr. Handsome turns to Brown Eyed Girl, takes her hands, smiles, and says - "it's okay...if I had to choose one place, with one person to be locked out with, it would be right now."

With that incredible statement, her heart was melted and she fell in love all over again.


  1. Aw, so sweet! What a catch ;)

  2. There is always a silver lining ....and yours my friend is priceless. your beau is a keeper... hugs to you xo HHL

  3. Ohh no!!! Getting locked out?! That would not be fun!!! Love how you wrote this post!! What a sweet guy you have :) We had a lock-out incident years ago where Josh dropped the only key we had on the ground right before a huge snowstorm and we didn't realize it had happened. So, we got home, mid-blizzard, only to discover that we were locked out!! And it was a Sunday so our landlord wasnt in the office! At least you guys had a warm beach to go to! Lol!

  4. This was such a cute story, Cami!! I loved it! What a sweet man you have...and to also not lose his patience after been locked out in the heat and sun. He's a keeper. :) I love the photo of you both @ the beach...it looks so relaxing and peaceful. I hope you and V had a fabulous dinner and wonderful date night!
    Lots of love and a happy Monday to you!

  5. So precious!!! When are you getting time off work lady??

  6. Oh my... SO PRECIOUS!! Such a keeper :)

  7. Aw, being locked out sucks but this is such an adorable ending!

  8. What a heart-melting post!! He's a keeper for sure :)

  9. So sweet! I agree with the keeper comments. :)

  10. Hello Cami, I have been on vacation and then came home to company. No time for my darling blogging friends. Today we are chilling and I am trying to wish my friends a happy 4th of July. I hope yours is fun and special.

    Loved your key story. All's well that ends well.I think your special guy is a keeper. Smiling here.

    I have missed you much.
    Love, Jeanne

  11. You live on the beach? or am I misreading?? Sweet tale!


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