Thankful Thursday, 7.5.12

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I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Independence Day! How did you celebrate? I celebrated (after work!) with a full day of fun in the sun with friends and family. Wish my parents could have came (my poor mom is on bed rest because of her knee...she has to have surgery soon...prayers for her, please!)

I am thankful for...

Even though I've been a bad blogger this week - you guys still love me. I hope! ;)

For all of the friends & family time I've had this week!

Being able to watch beautiful fireworks last night - and if I wanted to - right outside my window. White fireworks are my favorite!

Keeping a positive attitude in crummy situations.

Beautiful weather ALL week and no crazy waves in the when it's flat!

Having even just a little bit of alone time and time to unwind after a 15 hour day...even if it's just 15 minutes right before bed.

Painting my toe (and finger!) nails red, white, blue & white "stars" on me...and then V's sister, aunt, grandma, and cousin doing it too :) Love bonding time like that!

True love.


  1. Of course we still love you :) Love how festive your nails sound!

  2. Hope you're getting some rest in, friend! You're been working so hard!

  3. I love your festive nail! Such a fun idea! Aren't white fireworks so pretty! I feel the same...just like white Christmas lights are my favorite!!
    You are one hard working lady, Cami! I'm glad you got some time to yourself after a long day!
    I hope the rest of the week treats you well, pretty lady!
    Lots of love!

  4. Love the mani! Sounds like you had a very nice 4th!

  5. I love all the matching toes!

    Will be praying for your mom, I hope the injury isn't serious!!

  6. Glad you got some time in to relax after a long day!!! Love your nails! What a fun cute idea!! I too love fireworks! We just did our own little show this year rather than going to the big ones because those end so late. And, of COURSE we still love you ;-)

  7. That polish is SO fun! :)

    Glad you've had a wonderful week!

  8. Of course, we still love you! ;)

    I have missed your posts though. :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Love the nails! :)

  9. Cannot imagine not loving you.....ever. :) And everyone's entitled to good and not so good days. Hope things are going the cool nails....wishing you a beautiful rest of the are the best Cami..

  10. Your toes look super cute, and I will be praying for your momma.

  11. Love the toes! Praying for your mom!


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