Why Corporate Sucks

I have a lot of heart and love to offer. I am a very personal person in all situations of my life - even business. I am not a cut-throat type of person. I never will be. I'm not sure if that's a good thing - but it is who I am.

Crazy things have been happening with my "money-making job" as I like to put it. I haven't really talked too much about it. But I will now.

I work for a gym in the largest gym franchise in the United States.

At the end of March, I was told by the owner that he was selling the gym. The place of employment I have been working at as a manager for the past three years. It is just me and one other lady that manages the gym. We run the gym as if it is our own. Both of us always get asked if we are the owners. That's the kind of workers we are - we take ownership of what we are doing.

Well, back in March we were concerned (and rightfully so!) how long it would be for someone to purchase it. We were told that it could take anywhere from 8 months to 14 months - and that's fast paced.

We were also told that we would be kept in the loop. We were also asked not to say anything about the club being for sale to anyone. (I was not about to lie to someone if I was faced with the question of the gym being for sale!)

A lot of craziness happened. Lie, after lie.

Would you believe that I found out THROUGH A FRIEND that the club was sold? (By someone I was told was not purchasing it a few weeks prior by the owner.) 

When the owner was confronted, of course he had every kind of excuse in the book. The interesting part is that I did not believe what my friend had told me since I believed what the owner told me. (Shame on me!) It wasn't until I saw the potential buyers in question at the gym while I was working out one night having a meeting with the current owner. That is the only reason (I feel) we were told that "he is the one." 

Of course, I was told that there was things are not final and "anything can still happen" from the current owner. BUT I was able to wrangle out of him...just last night...that the potential closing date is July 23. (Thanks for keeping us in the loop like you said you would.)

The current owner is not telling us anything. (Obviously you can tell that from his track record.) The only thing he is saying is that the new owners have family in town and one of them will be working at the gym. And allegedly the new owners are not moving to town - they live about 3 hours away and already own a gym down there.

I happened to find out (which I am not supposed to know!) that the current owner told the new owner that if it is between the other gym manager and I - that he should keep the other late. Since - "she does not have a college degree, she has a family of 3 with 2 going to college while Cami has a college degree, can find a job easily, and is an entrepreneur." Ok, what he said was really nice about me. I hoped that he would have told me what he had said so I could prepare myself. But no...not a SINGLE WORD. Instead, he lied about it.   

When I confronted the current owner with questions as to what that means for us - the current employees. I was told that "everything will be fine."

It absolutely sucks what advice he gave to the new owner (for me) but I understand. I deserve to know though...I THINK!! Do you really expect to say what you said and it not get back to me? Come on. After three years of being an amazing employee, I deserve better and more.  If the current owner didn't say he cares about us (as people and employees) then it would be a completely different story. But - he always said he cared about us. So how does that make sense?

I tried to sum this up as best as I could without TOO many details and making it too long.

I will sum it up right here though: corporate sucks. People in business truly only care about themselves, no matter what they say. And they will always, always lie.


  1. Girl, I am so sorry to hear this! If I was you I'd go ahead and start looking for other options, just in case. I hate this for you though. It's so scary when something regarding your work, your livelihood is threatened.

  2. Aw, I'm so sorry to hear this Cami. What a bummer. One of the hardest parts about being a genuinely good person is when other people take advantage of that fact. I'm wishing you the best as you look for a new job. With your positive attitude I'm sure one is not too far away.

  3. This sucks. I'm really sorry. Brush that resume up and get it out there, just in case.

  4. That is awful. It sticks that you have to go thru this!! Sometimes I wonder if there are any genuine, honest people left in the world.

  5. oh cami, i am incredibly sorry to read this news. ughhh, i am so with you on corporate sucking. i worked in a corporate restaurant for five years and there was a lot of shady business and back stabbing going on throughout the years. it was one of the best decisions leaving. i wish you didn't have to go through this. you don't deserve it. and i hate how they take advantage...especially nice and genuine people like you.
    i am sending extra thoughts, love and prayers your way, my friend.
    i will be thinking about you.
    very, very sorry! <3
    big hugs!

  6. That bites it big time...The nice people always seem to get screwed over...But what goes around comes around Cami, something bigger and better will turn up for you!!

  7. You DO deserve better and more. BUT it may mean you deserve better and MORE elsewhere, my sweet blog friend. I've been through two lay offs. They suck but each new job has been more rewarding financially and emotionally for me than the last. But I think your boss/current owner is a jerk, fyi. Keep us in the loop on what happens XOXO

  8. I remember when I work in retail corporate... it was the WORSE. I hated my boss. Although I wasn't working the position you are in but he made all of our lives hell. I'll stick to medicine/healthcare :)

  9. what to say now


  10. Oh no, girl. What a crappy situation! Thinking about and praying for you!

  11. *hugs* Just catching up on my blog reading...praying for you, dear!

  12. That is absolutely horrible!! I'm keeping you in my thoughts!


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