Odd Coupon?

I'm not a couponer. I'd love to be, but...I'm not. I don't know where to start...I really don't. BUT! I do try to remember to browse the papers at the grocery store before I go shopping. I always check out the BOGO section, too. I also put the coupons I get that comes out with the receipt (particularly at Target) on the fridge.

I got a rather interesting coupon from Target last week. I actually didn't notice it until I grabbed the coupon to do some shopping.

As you know, I am a big fan of Naked Grape.

This is the interesting coupon I received...

Notice anything...odd?

I know that usually there is some sort of fine print with a coupon...like, "$1 off after spending $15" or something of that sort.

But $1 off of SUNSCREEN with the purchase of Simply Naked Wine.


It would almost make sense if the owner of Simply Naked owned a particular sunscreen company...but you receive $1 off of sunscreen.

Or I guess Simply Naked just wants to make sure sun-goers are being smart this summer?

Since I'm not a huge couponer...is this normal?


  1. Oh my... I am totally dying (laughing). Really. reading this at 2 am.. you know what it's like to read something funny when you are super tired?! ha... Lol. What an odd combination?! Haha I mean I have seen coupons for combinations like cheese and crackers or something. Perhaps they know you too well and are suggesting you enjoy the beach with the wine?! lol...

  2. Whaaat? That is too funny. Someone at Target or Naked Wine has a sense of humor..

  3. I am not a couponer yet, but hope to be someday. This is too funny. Idk what they were thinking!? I still love the idea of wine @ Target. I already go in there for one thing and leave with ten. Wine would be dangerous. :) especially wine on sale. Lol
    I hope you had a beautiful weekend, beautiful lady!

  4. I've seen companies do like correlating coupons before but this does seem a bit odd! At first I was like ooo a wine coupon you don't see those very often and then, like you said, read the fine print. There should be a picture of sunscreen on there not wine you aren't getting a dollar off the wine, it's very confusing. And as a wine drinker I think I'd be rather upset, getting my hopes up that I'd get a $1 off the wine to find out it's off SUNSCREEN?!? Haha!

  5. LOL. That's funny. I do know companies that have more than one type of product will often do join coupons, but wine and sunscreen? Interesting!

    I was a couponer for like 2 months. I was hardcore. I saved us some good money, I think my highest was around $40 in a grocery trip... but it was too intense, I couldn't keep it up lol

  6. LOL LOL LOL Maybe they thought you could enjoy some wine on the beach?!?!

  7. Haha that is too funny! I've never see a product combo like THAT before :)

  8. Very nice blog. I found you through Crazy Mama's fun blog hop. I linked in a post about my travel bucket list. Have a super week.

  9. This coupon is CRACKING ME UP! I don't use coupons too often but I really don't think this is a typical coupon lol!!

  10. It's marketing for Naked Wine. They know you'll be buying sunscreen this time of year; they want to you buy the wine, too.


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