Top Five Summer Favorites

I've been asked to blog more about what it's like to live in Florida/live on the beach. Today's post I will dedicate it to my top five summer favorites!

1st Favorite- No Make-Up
Summer time equals tan which equals no make-up! (Or minimal make-up at least!) Getting a nice solid tan minimizes me getting break-outs and obviously evenly out the coloration of my face. It also gives me cute freckles (which I happen to like!)

2nd FavoriteLiving in Sun Dresses
Sun dresses are pretty much the most comfortable outfit ever, super cute, AND you can also wear them to any occasion. 

3rd Favorite- All Day Beach Days and BBQ's
Obviously, living in Florida (and on the beach!) means a whole lot of beach days. Living on the beach means no issues with fighting to find parking. It also means that everyone wants to come to YOUR place to hang out...makes my life a WHOLE lot easier. ;) 
BBQ's are always a blast...especially during the summer. For some reason, I feel like a summer BBQ is better than a fall BBQ.

4th Favorite- Turtle Season
This is where my living in Florida comes out hardcore...summer means turtle season. This means lots of sea turtle nests with the possibility of seeing little baby turtles hatch. I'd LOVE to see that!

5th Favorite- An Excuse to Eat Ice Cream
What do you want when it's hot out? Ice cream! Italian ices! A slurpee! When it's summer time, it's fair game for any cold sweet treat...isn't it?

What are some of your summer favorites?


  1. I live in sundresses in the summer too. It just gets too hot here to keep your legs covered up. I need to work on my tan this weekend so I can wear less makeup! I love a tan face.

  2. I love this post, it makes me smile! My husband and I have been seriously considering a move to the Sunshine state for the past year.

  3. This is a very fun post! Beach bbqs sound so nice! Oh I would be like a crazy excited kid if I got to see a sea turtle baby! I really hope you get to see one or more soon! I agree with the ice cream in the's the perfect time to eat frozen treats. I love sunsets in the summer, setting out on the desk, grilling out, and just the overall laziness of summer. Everything seems to be a little bit slower in summer, laid back a bit more, at least for me anyway. Happy Happy Friday!

  4. I MUST live by the beach someday! This all sounds SO dreamy!

  5. 2 of my summer favorites are flip flops & pedicures! :)

  6. Yes, yes, yes, and yes! =) All excellent reasons for loving living in the best state! I haven't done an all day Beach Day ended with a BBQ in years! Things tend to change when the kids come along. lol

  7. Cold treats are my favorite thing about summer :) That and swimming in the ocean. You are so making me miss Florida with your posts!!

  8. Love your list!

    I could add so many things, including: fun bright nail polish, frozen yogurt, pool time! :)

  9. Sundresses and maxi dresses are some of my favorite things about summer. I admit, I love fall and winter clothes more, but there's something about throwing a dress on and being done in a cinch! :)
    I love BBQs too...I love sitting out on the deck and getting some sun.
    You definitely have a wonderful and blessed life, Cami!
    I hope you and V have a sweet weekend!

  10. Yay for turtles! And beach days! And ice cream!


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