Thankful Thursday, 7.19.12

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I am thankful for SO much...I'm going to try to do a Thankful Thursday in photos...

good pandora tunes!

BOGO wine at Publix...especially good wine. I love Naked Grape! I also love BOGO's. I've never had this type before - Moscato - but I'm now a fan!

French manicures. Especially gel manicures. I think it looks sophisticated & sexy. OH and manicure time with a great friend!

delicious dinner at a new restaurant in town I've been wanting to try. We got the best spot in the place!

beautiful Florida skies :)

being blessed enough that he is all mine <3

relaxing at the beach

being told by my love how pretty I look.

the homemade carrot cake I made for my dad's birthday coming out stellar! Everyone told me it was the best they've ever had :)

hanging out with my parents and Jake hanging with V...even though it looks like Jake doesn't really have a choice ;)

feeling incredibly blessed.

What are you thankful for?!


  1. Um. we seriously published our thankful thursday posts within 18 seconds of each other. No joke! lol

    That carrot cake looks AMAZING! I want some right now!!!!

    How sweet being told how pretty you look. (Not surprising though because you are stunning!!!)

    Happy Thursday!! :)

  2. wine and the beach sounds about right! :) glad you had a good week!

  3. Naked the name....but never heard of it. Love the thankful post in pics. I scrolled through and breathed your gratitude. Love your awesome spirit and how you find and focus on the good things. I are totally beautiful and love that he's all yours and lights up your world. Have a super day out there totally shine.

  4. Beautiful pics and list! (and poster ;)) I too love those BOGO's but haven't tried the wines yet. Maybe I should check into that ;) I hope you have a beautiful weekend ahead!!

  5. Love your thankful list!! I would like a piece of carrot cake now! :) Here's the link to my thankful post:

  6. Yay for BOBO wine, fresh manicures, pandora, and carrot cake (my fave)! And you always look gorgeous so you should be thankful everyday :)

  7. love me some good pandora tunes. it's my saving grace during the work day. and what is all this talk about BOGO on WINE?? i'm so mad we don't have publix here right now. oh... and that carrot cake looks AMAZING.

  8. Love your thankful list, friend! I love moscato so I'm gonna have to try this Naked brand! Have a great weekend!

  9. oooh, i'll have to try the Naked Grape!

  10. Manicure looks great! Love all the wine glass pictures! Thanks for the link up!

  11. Aww, that pic with your doggie is soo cute!!

  12. the wine. the beach. the sweet dinner date. the buy one, get one wine - omygosh, i wish we had something like that around here - that is awesome!
    you ARE pretty!! and i love that white outfit you wore on your date!! the dog picture cracked me up. he's like a big baby. :)
    i hope your day is wonderful, cami. <3

  13. I don't drink much, but I DO love an occasional glass of Moscato. So, so yum! I'll have to try that kind! :)

    Thanks for hosting! :)

  14. Lovely list and pictures! That picture of V and Jake is priceless! It's amazing how specific breeds of dogs have so many mannerisms in common!

  15. I think this has got to be one of my favorites of your Thankful Lists. The wine, the nails, even your cute pup with your man in that bottom pic. So great! Just a lil jelly of those feet that keep showing up at the beach ;)

  16. hey camp loved the post just letting you know i have a new blog its called Don't forget me


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