July Birchbox

I keep going back & forth with if I should stay with Birchbox or not. I've had some good Birchbox months and some bad.

This will be my sixth Birchbox so I was hoping I'd have a definite answer of what I'd do. Some have been suggesting MyGlam...what do you think?

OH and for those that don't know, with Birchbox you get 4-6 beauty/lifestyle samples a month for $10. (I guess if anything...at least it's only $10 and I get a smile on my face when I get something in the mail!)

Cami's July Birchbox...

1- Larabar
I'm a fan of Larabars. Especially because they're gluten free. (Not that I need gluten free...but I just think the concept is great.) I've had this flavor before, Banana Foster...I wasn't a big fan. To me, it tasted like overly-ripe bananas. But again, that might just be me.

2- Eyeko - Skinny Liquid Eyeliner
It came in purple. Who wants purple eyeliner? Not me. BUT I do LOVE this eyeliner. It's great! It's full size, too. (I think!) It's a little steep...$15. But I would pay $15 for it because it glides on so gently and stays all day. HOWEVER, when trying to purchase it through Birchbox online, you can only get it in olive or turquoise...I wonder why that is? I just want black. Luckily I am able to get black elsewhere.

3- boscia - Green Tea Blotting Linens
Amazing. What a pretty decent price, too! I used to use the Oil of Olay wipes frequently. I think they came in a pack of 30 (or so) for around $6 - something like that. These come in a pack of 100 for $10...not badly priced. I like that this product is using green tea...makes me feel healthy just by using it! My face, unfortunately, tends to be oily. Very happy that Birchbox included this in my box!

4- Oscar de la Renta - live in love
Another perfume sample is what I thought when I first saw it. It smells amazing, though. It has a very...elegant and sexy scent to it. I'm very happy with this sample. A full size is $25-$78 according to Birchbox...not sure where that big price difference comes in. Either way, great perfume sample for once!! This is by far my favorite perfume sample that Birchbox has sent me.

5- Jouer - Luminizing Moisture Tint
With it being summer time, I love being able to wear minimal makeup. I've been on the search for a good moisture tint/beauty balm that I can get away with wearing just that and maybe a dash of blush and some mascara. I'm happy with this sample. I'm not happy that a full-size costs $38, though! Ick.

6- Birchbox Exclusive - Earbuds
Pretty color was my first thought! Very fun looking earbuds. I went to use them on my beach walk...they are terrible. I couldn't even get it to connect to my iPhone properly so I could hear Pandora. HORRIBLE exclusive. Birchbox should be ashamed. If the earbuds worked, I would have been very happy with it.

All in all - 4 out of 6 products get the thumbs up (boscia, Oscar de la Renta, Jouer, Eyeko) - which means a great Birchbox for once.
The larabar wasn't terrible, just a poor flavor choice.
What was terrible was the Birchbox Exclusive - Earbuds.

How was your Birchbox this month?


  1. I just canceled my Birchbox subscription. There have been way too much bad and hardly any good. I love myglam! I only got one so far but it blows BB out of the water!

  2. I let Birchbox go last month. Part of the reason was the prices for actually buying most of the stuff is insane. Even if I try something and like it, buying the full size is usually not an option at those prices.

    I got the moisture tint in a past box but haven't used it yet.

  3. I would SO wear purple eyeliner! : ) I am hoping I get those boscia blotting papers in a future box. I am super oily too & I work long hours. I got the boscia BB cream this time, so no complaints here.

  4. I feel the same way about Birchbox - I keep going back and forth about it. The blotting linens were one of the things on my insert (that was totally not an insert for my box) - they look great!

  5. I have to give the blotting linens a try! They seem like a great deal!

  6. Don't talk to me about those stinkin' earbuds! What am I going to with those?!

  7. That's too bad that your earbuds didn't work. Mine worked with my iTouch. I also got the purple liner and tried it out. It was subtle enough that I didn't feel like a clown with it on. And I loved the blotting papers too!

  8. i bet they'll replace your earbuds if you email them!

  9. Your nails look pretty!! I could use a boatload of those blotting papers...it is so darn hot here. My face has been a grease pit. Lol
    I hope they replace your earbuds!
    I love a good easy-to-apply eyeliner. I couldn't live without it!
    Thanks for sharing, Cami! Hope your day was wonderful!

  10. I love/want purple eyeliner! Mine is all gone. I also have teal eyeliner that I love! (As well as black and brown.) It's fun for evening time, but not so much during the day! I think you should ditch BB and try MG. You're not overly enthused by BB anymore. I can tell!

    Love you!


  11. We got the exact same box (except I got the eyeliner in an olive green shade). I was pretty happy with it - my Larabar was cherry cobbler flavored and pretty tasty! I love that they are made up of such natural ingredients...most energy/protein bars are super synthetic!

  12. Looks like overall you had a great box! I got the eyeko too, but mine was in black. I highly recommend it!

    xoxo, Emily


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