The Little Things Matter

Source: via Cami on Pinterest

Ironically about a year ago, I blogged about how the little things mean a lot. Each day, I try to remember how important it is to be thankful for the little things. More often than not, it's the little things that make me the happiest.

I was reminded recently how important the little things truly are. A few months ago, one of my favorite clients at work let me know that he has kidney cancer. Only a couple weeks after he told me, his wife came in to say he was going to have to cease coming to the gym since he needed to start with aggressive treatments. I felt it was the right thing to send him a card - a card that would hopefully put a smile on his face.

Just a couple days ago, his son started coming to the gym while he is in town visiting his dad. Do you know what his son told me? That the little card I sent him made him so incredibly happy and that he was so proud of it.

This man is one of the nicest men you will ever meet. Every Christmas he would give all of us a Dunkin Donut gift card and a sweet. He always had a smile on his face and always brought a smile on mine.

But the whole point of this post is to remember that it's the littlest things that can make the biggest difference in someone else's life.

The next time you are debating whether or not you should "waste your time" doing something - take a second to remember what a difference it'll make in their life and what an impact you might have.


  1. I really love this. This is so true. It really is the little things tht matter most. New follower.

  2. I love this post. Definitely a great reminder to all of us :)

  3. Love this post. It's most definitely the little things!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. Great post - totally needed this reminder! Thanks girl - happy Wednesday!!

  5. Cami, I loved this post, and it is so true. The little things make such a difference. I have been writing short stories about when I was growing up to give to my children, and one of the stories I wrote was about how much I appreciate all the little things that my mom used to do to make us happy. What you said reminded me of just that. Often the little things we do for others turn out to be the most important. Thank you for reminding me of that. Your new Header is delightful!
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  6. I love this post! A great reminder for sure!

  7. Sooooooooooo true!!

    Did you change your blog header??? I LOVE IT!!! WHo did it for you??

  8. Great post Cami - and so true! When you take the time to do something little it can make the world of difference!


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