Thankful Thursday, 7.26.12


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Many of you write me a sweet note and tell me how happy you are that I do this link-up...that it makes you realize how blessed you truly are & how much you have to be thankful for. I hope you realize that consequently, it makes ME thankful that I can shine some positivity in your life. Thank you for allowing me with that amazing opportunity :)

So much to be thankful for...

-my new blog design!! I love teaching myself new things.

-having a nice "staycation" last week. (I took my remaining vacation days off so I don't potentially loose them.) It was SO nice to be able to just home...not worry about having to go to work. 

-being able to go to V's soccer game over my "staycation" (usually I'm at work during his game!)

-visiting with one of my old roomies who lives a few a couple hours her!

-having gym members tell me they are going to leave the gym if I no longer work here due to new ownership...warms my heart!

-seeing my sister & hanging out during the weekend...we haven't done that in a while so it was really nice to catch up

-having friends I can vent to...and make me feel less crazy :)

-a local Asian food market that has great prices on produce!

-laughing at something and a friend knowing exactly what you're laughing at

-lots of amazing, special laughs with V <3

-finally trying Bubble Tea! (My thoughts: interesting. I almost choked near the end...ha!)

-finding a new place in town...within walking distance (yay!) -SUPER cute diner

-filling my waffle craving at above diner...yum yum!! I was one happy girl :)

-snuggle time with Jake...and V at my parents house. (Usually Jake doesn't snuggle with you...guess he was in a good mood that day!)

-peaceful sunset beach walks!

-as always - beautiful beach days

-surprise love card & flowers from my love at work :)

What is it that's giving you a thankful heart this week?

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  1. So glad you finally got some time off! You've been non stop lately.

  2. You are one thankful gal! :) I love bubble's so interesting!

  3. I love your new blog layout! If you ever want to play with my layout, I would love a new blog look. ;)

    Great list as always! Love all the pictures! I had blueberry waffles for breakfast this morning...I don't know what it is about them...but HEAVEN! ;)

  4. First to link up...yay! :)

  5. Omg that waffle looks so yummy! I think I have to go out for waffles sometime this week.

    The beach pics are beautiful. And the doggie cuddle pic is so cute!! My older dog hardly ever snuggles either, I feel so special when she graces me with her affection lol.

  6. I love the photos you always post - so good to see what you are writing about !!!
    Have the best day ever.
    Love, hugs and positive energy !

  7. That is such a gorgeously happy list of thank you's! It's heartwarming and thought provoking to read such simple pleasures, thank you x

  8. Hey Cami..I just love your new's neat and clean and fresh. Me too I like that you do this TT every week and that I get to be a part of it. Thanks for hosting it....Just reading everyone's gratitude inspires me even more.

    Bubble Tea...never tried it but see it everywhere. Always wonder...should or not???? I love that people said they wouldn't renew if you weren't kept on at the gym. That confirms what I think of you....awesome..incredible....the best.

  9. Yay for staycations! And by the way, we love bubble tea in this house :)

  10. Love the new title banner and site design! Yum those waffles look good, aren't local restaurants like that just the best! Making me want to be on the beach. Thanks for the link up :)

  11. Love your post and I love your new design! Thanks for linking up, as always!! :)

  12. I love your new design too! Looks awesome :) Have a great weekend!!

  13. Some of our sweetest family times have been during our stay-cations. It seems that we relax more during this time then if we travelled somewhere. So glad that you are enjoying your time! Blessings!

  14. i love the new look! and sometimes a "staycation" is the best kind! i get a week off between christmas and new years and its so nice to have a week off at home! i should've been a teacher!

  15. WOW your new design looks amazing. Bubble tea, whoa that looks interesting to say the least. Did you choke cause it was chunky or cause it was gross?

  16. that waffle is calling my name! and that bubble tea does look very interesting! lol what's in it exactly?
    what a sweetheart to send you flowers and a card!!
    and you're right...what would we do without friends to cry and scream to every once in a while! :)
    i hope you have a fabulous weekend, pretty lady!


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