July 27, 2012

7.27.12 Letters

dear reader; you never cease to make me smile...thank you for your kind comments. dear Olympics; I am SO super stoked for you to start...cannot wait to watch you!  dear potential work; I look forward to you and welcome you with open arms.  dear ocean waves; while the surfers certainly aren't happy with you - I am! I love being able to swim in the ocean without enormous waves.  dear next step in life; I am so excited for you...I am ready!  dear herniated discs; please go away. I want to workout like I used to.  dear July; where have you went?!!  dear coral & gold nail polish; you look cute together!  dear homemade protein bars; yum. You're dangerous. When I make them to sell, I can't help but eating one. (eTsy shop??? Hmmm...)  dear cousin; I'm glad you're ok after you're car accident & totaling your car. I'm here if you need me.  dear mother; please take it easy so you heal faster!! (And eat more for dinner!)  dear five guys who take the same photo for 30 years; you are all a genius. What an incredible testimony to your friendship and creativity!  dear God; thank you for all you have blessed me with. Thank you for your guidance & love. I would be no where without you.


  1. Go Team USA!! Can't wait for the Olympics!! And I hope your herniated disc starts feeling better soon. =/ That's really a bummer!

  2. i hope your herniated discs feel better - ouch!! those are no fun!
    you are always so positive and uplifting. i love reading your posts - they make me smile and stop and give thanks for all the blessings in my life.
    i hope your friday is off to a great start.
    and p.s. - i LOVE following you on instagram :)
    maria <3

  3. Hope you feel better friend! Love your new layout. Happy weekend!

  4. I love that 5 guys taking the same picture thing! what an amazing idea. I love that they've stuck with it. :) Have a great weekend girl.

  5. CUTE blog! I am so excited to follow along :)

  6. Love the story of the 5 guys & the pictures over 30 years. Such a sweet story of lasting friendship! Thanks for sharing! Blessings!

  7. I hope your find a great new job soon!!

    I agree, July went by really fast. I think someone pressed the fast-forward button this summer!

  8. Love these posts, great way to update us on what's going on. :)


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