New Shades

I am always fairly hesitant to shop online. First off, you never know what you're REALLY going to get and second, you never know how customer service will be if you have a problem. (Remember my Sears fiasco?)

I am SO incredibly pleased when I decided to use Firmoo to grab a new pair of shades! The Firmoo customer service is incredibly helpful and just plain nice!! (Shout out to Antonio & Linda for being so awesome!) I had a couple of questions before I chose my final pair and they were more than helpful.

Firmoo is actually known for eye glasses and prescription strength sun glasses. I am blessed with having great eye sight so a prescription was not necessary. They still had some great glasses to pick from, though! There are many different colors available. (I went with plain black & me classy, not boring!;)

I'm happy with the material they are made of...means when they stay in my car and get hot from the good ol' Florida sun, they don't burn my face! I'm very happy with the glasses...the style is cute and when I received them, they were exactly what I ordered! 

I have some exciting news for you from Firmoo headquarters, too! There is a "Free for New Buyer" program! With the goal of being able to offer high-quality, affordable, and fashionable eyewear to customers, Firmoo has decided to launch the program! Your first order from Firmoo is absolutely free. They are confident that once you receive your first pair, you will be hooked since their product is so great!

Disclaimer: Firmoo provided me with the sunglasses for me to review.  No compensation was given. All opinions are 100% my own and an honest opinion was given.


  1. Cool shades! :) I like the way they twist on the sides!
    Hope your weekend is sunny, breezy, easy, and beautiful, Cami!
    Sending love.

  2. fabulous shades!! Perfect for keeping out the summer sun... and yes Classy - not boring!! xo HHL

  3. Love them!! LOOOOVE your new layout!! And love you!!! xoxo


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