Sears Saga Continues

So, I thought my saga with Sears would be over. (If you missed out on this juice - catch up with it here.)

I tweeted my story back on December 12 and tagged Sears in it. (Of course.)

I get a direct message from @SearsCare that says this -

Eight days later, you would have thought I would have heard back from someone regarding this issue...right? (Me, too!)

This is what I get in my e-mail this morning -

Well gosh. Thanks for the great communication during this whole situation. (Might I add that I did the original order on November 17.)

Oh - and my account has certainly not been credited.

In case you forget - since Sears told me to contact the seller directly on December 8 (thanks, Sears for the great customer service) the seller's (Busted Tees) customer service informed me right away that the item would be shipped out and they were sorry for the issues...and has kept me up to date on everything! Busted Tee's rocks my socks!

So - Sears is going to allegedly credit me since the item is "no longer available" when Busted Tee's is telling me they are shipping my item?! (I think this credit is deserved as compensation for this month long of waiting, horrible customer service interaction, and the fact that my birthday gift to a friend is now incredibly late.) Sears should be aware of what is going on and give me accurate information.

Sears is absolutely facing an uncertain future in 2012. I can't ever imagine why.


  1. You know I've never been a fan of Sears and it's no wonder. Hope you get the issue resolved and they do credit you your money back. So frustrating!

  2. I'm confused as to why Sears is even involved. You buy it through Busted Tee's & Sears sends it? Yet, you contact Busted Tee's & they're sending it. What a mess. I'm so glad I mentioned it because you would have paid for something that was never going to come.

    I hate businesses like this. I hope they do credit your account & if they don't fight them on it because you deserve it. I'm sorry for making things so complicated. If I had never asked for the shirt none of this stuff would have happened. Love you & thank you. I'm gonna wait & open it on Christmas. :)

  3. Wow...that is seriously ridiculous!!! Ugh, how annoying. Sorry girl!!!

  4. OMG!! Im going through the same thing!!! Except with Kohls! I ordered a cake pop maker on Nov 11..its now dec 20 and I still havnt received it!! Customer service said they dont know where the item went and they cant credit me until they find out where it went which will take 30 days and then another 30 days after that to credit me!! UGH!! Good thing it was only a xmas present to myself..SO I completely understand how you feel. Im sorry your friends birthday present didnt come on time :(

  5. Wow...sorry you are having to go through all that. This is crazy! :(

  6. Sears does owe you big time. I am not a fan of Sears anymore and you confirmed my opinion. good luck with the outcome Cami.

    I commented on your St. Augustine trip. Loved it!!!

    I am all ready for Christmas except the cooking. The cookie day was fab and I haven't posted it yet. I did post cookie day from the past last Sat. Not much has changed. Smile. Sister time is so special.
    Happy days to you dear Cami.
    Jeanne xoxoxo

  7. That's ridiculous! I've never liked Sears. Around here they are noted for their horrible in store service. I hope they'll do the right thing and credit your account... they should even give you an extra gift card or something.

  8. I haven't trusted Sears since they somehow ditched Roebuck (which I realize probably makes me older than dirt & no one will know what I'm talking about).

    My Dad loves Sears. My Dad has also not spoken to me in over a year. Which is not Sears' fault...but the correlation made sense in my head before I wrote it.

    Clearly I need more caffeine. Hope Sears can get it straightened out, you get what you ordered and don't have to keep going down the rabbithole to get resolution!

  9. this seems like more trouble than it needed to be. what a mess! sorry you had to deal with all that- hopefully you get credited and get your stuff from that company you love so much- which by the way I have never heard of. I'm going to go check them out now :)


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