Birchbox VS. MyGlam

Remember when I said in July that I might be getting rid of Birchbox?

I think the time is finally here. (I just want to use my Birchbox points at this point - what to get...what to get??!!)

I decided to do MYGLAM vs. BIRCHBOX this month. 

By the way, MyGlam is the same concept as Birchbox...$10/month for sample BUT you get them in a really cute makeup bag.

I'm anxious to know what you ladies think - if you agree with me or not...

This was my Birchbox...
-A razor 
-Brightening cleanser
-Viva La Juicy Perfume 
-2 little hand soaps
-Eye lash gel

My thoughts...
A razor...really? I want to find new and exciting products in my box. Not something I can grab from the grocery store.
Brightening least this is useful! I haven't used it yet but I am happy about this.
I'm tired of perfume.
Hand soap sample?? I just...I don't get it.
Eye lash gel...pretty cool! I've never seen or heard of this before. 
None of these products really caught my eye or anything, though.

I almost would say that one of the coolest parts of this month's box was the cute insert...had a bunch of tips & whatnot in it.

This was my MyGlam...
-Regenerative cream
-Lip gloss
-Roll-on perfume
-Mineral eyeshadow
-Facial serum
-Nail polish
-All in a real cute makeup bag! 

Regenerative cream & the facial serum are from the same company that uses plant stem cells. In my book, that is pretty darn cool!! I'm excited to try it. Especially because I'm always look for new face creams.
Who doesn't love a new lip gloss? Some lip glosses are worth $10 all on their own! This is a full size product, too.
Roll on perfume??! COOL. At least if it's another perfume sample, it's something cool!
I'm always looking for new eyeshadows - I'm excited to try this one...and for it to be in a pretty silvery color!
Full size nail polish??! SCORE. And in such a fun and pretty color.

Ok, I do realize that maybe I lucked out this month and MyGlam is awesome...but just the fact that both my lip gloss & nail polish are full size is two thumbs up in my book! When I've gotten a sample of nail polish from Birchbox before, it's always been a sample - not full size. 

Based on my August MyGlam and my August Birchbox - My Glam wins. Move over, Birchbox...

Are you girls still using Birchbox? Or have you made the switch to a different service?

If you're still with Birchbox - any recommendations on what I should get with my points? If only they had the Naked Palette. ;)


  1. thanks for the review.. i was thinking about getting this for my friend for christmas!

  2. I was trying to decide between the two yesterday! I got mixed reviews for both so I went with birch box. I don't think it will last long though because I'm addicted to bags! Lol. Happy weekend doll.

  3. I get both now. I still get Birchbox and I pretty much got the same thing you did in mine... NOT impressed. I have been getting it for probably a year and at first did enjoy them but it seems to be getting worse and worse. I got my first Glam box in and got the same thing you did (my gloss and shadow were a different color though) and I love it! You got so much more value in that box! Birchbox has 1 more month to wow me otherwise I am going to cancel.

  4. You already know I made the switch from birchbox to myglam and I'm super happy I did! I haven't gotten this month's yet (I have to pick it up from my mom's) but I'm super excited for it!!!

  5. I think I might have to give MyGlam a shot!! Birchbox needs to take a hike!


  6. Great review! I've heard a lot of positive feedback about MyGlam.

  7. Loving all those goodies in the MyGlam box! I like makeup but not enough to get new goodies every month. I am a candle kind of girl so I love the out of the box samplers which seems similar in concept to these boxes. It feels like Christmas morning each time I get one. LOVE it ;D BTW, that nail polish is just plain awesome!

  8. i still love birchbox! i like that it's customized unlike myglam where everyone gets the same thing (i think?). and the points system is a total winner. nothing could beat the hundreds of dollars of free full size products that i've gotten! glad you like myglam though!

  9. It looks like MyGlam is the better deal. If I ever do one of these, I would definitely have to check it out. :)

  10. Oooh, I'll be keeping an eye on your Myglam bags, I may make a switch too!

  11. Great comparison, Cami. Now that I'm back in the states, I think I'll have to try one of these subscription services. You really make MyGlam sound like a good choice.

  12. Thanks for comparing the two! I've been interested in MyGlam- I hadn't really heard much about it. I'm not loving my Birchbox this month...I think my favorite was the cleanser though. It works great. We'll see how long I stick with Birchbox though.

  13. ohhh your myglam box was awesome!! and yes, you're right...the birchbox wasn't that impressive this time! i need to just go to one of the sites and order. i keep saying i want to try it and never do. lol
    thanks for sharing <3

  14. I'm still subscribed to Birchbox but I'm on the fence. I got a really similar box, except I got the Stila smudge stick liner (full size and love it) and a teeny tiny sample of Yu-Be Cream which I've really wanted to try. But everything else was like, really?! Your My Glam looks really good! I'm thinking about making the switch!

  15. Wow! myglam sounds like a million times better than birchbox! We got the same brichbox - and I was NOT thrilled at all...I thought July BB was so good, but after seeing your myglam bag, I am seriously thinking of switching!


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