Tasty Tuesday - Input Please!

Ok I am asking you lovely ladies for your input. Please be honest. :)

Should I keep up with Tasty Tuesday or give it a rest? It seems like no one is interested in it - which is fine - but if you enjoy it - please let me know so I will keep up with it!

My feelings won't be hurt, promise :)


  1. I was hoping to get more involved and participate after I get settled in with Declan. ;)

    So if the popular vote is to continue, I'm in! :)

  2. Aww, dang! I was hopping over to link up my recipe for apple pancakes this morning...lol. I know it's a lot of work so I understand if you do away with it ;)

  3. I was thinking about this this morning actually. Last week I was trying to create a button called Tailgate Tuesday in honor of the upcoming football season where we all share our favorite tailgating recipes. Maybe we could join up?

  4. I always enjoy your recipes bc they are unique and healthy! :)
    I say do whatever feels good each Tuesday!
    Oh, and I thought of you again a few wks ago, bc my mom was looking everywhere for chia seeds. Seems they are so popular a lot of stores are waiting weeks for their orders. She was on a mad hunt. Lol

  5. I was actually looking forward to posting this recipe last week, but I don't always have a recipe to post. I say, do what you want and how you feel about it. I don't usually look at the recipes listed, unless they sound amazingly appealing, but I do enjoy looking sometimes. :-)



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