Sea Turtle Hunting Clarification

Before I have Florida Sea Turtle Patrol and Wildlife Rangers called on me - I need to straighten something out!

When I mentioned our first date was sea turtle hunting in my proposal story, I do NOT mean we are hunting sea turtles to kill and eat. I do realize that messing with sea turtles in ANY way is completely, 100% against the law and could lead me to jail (which I do not want!)

V called my attention to this when he said he loved the proposal story but I might get arrested if the wrong pair of eyes read the story.

When I say "sea turtle hunting" I mean going for a night walk on the beach (no flash lights - that's against the law, too!) with hopes that we will a sea turtle emerge from the water during the season sea turtles lay eggs. I understand the chance of seeing this is pretty much slim to negative NONE - but it is still fun to walk on the a little kid...with thoughts that MAYBE - just MAYBE we'll see some sea turtle magic. :) 

(And for the record, we would not touch the sea turtle in any way! Just admire the beautiful creature - from afar.)


  1. are so cute! I never thought otherwise, but this sounds like something that would happen with me and John, one of us would write or read something and ask the other about it. It's why they are called our better halves. ;) Or better yet...we are. ;)

  2. I would never pin you for a sea turtle killer, Cami! Hahahaha :)


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