Grocery Store Love?

Do you have a "home grocery store"? That one grocery store that you go to just because you have a good time?

I do!

I go to Publix - which I think is just in the south. There are multiple Publixs in my county but my "home" store is only a couple of miles away.

I can't explain it to you - but the nicest, most considerate employees work at this one. They ask me how my day was and how the last meal I cooked turned out. They ask me how the wedding planning is going and we banter back and forth. It's like having a bunch of friends work there.

Is your grocery store like this? (I hope so because you're missing out if it's not!)


  1. Hi Cami. It's so nice to read this post and hear how personal your life is. I have a favorite super market but they're not THAT nice.

    I also have good and bad news for you. I AM Dr. Jaffe (and not a publicist) but I am (unfortunately) NOT the Dr. Jaffe who wrote your psych books (at least not yet - my book comes out in November).

    Thanks so much for your visit and I hope you visit again. I will too as I am your newest follower and look forward to learning more about you, your life, your wedding (congratulations), etc.

  2. Excellent customer service makes everything more enjoyable!

    I do not have a specific store I shop at, but I do have stores I refuse to go to because of the quality of service not being up to par.

    I so wish we had Publix up here in Ohio! We ordered our wedding cake and cupcakes from Publix---they were amazing!

  3. I wish I had a "home" grocery store. The one we had closed in 2009 (it was VONS - also know as Safeway) ... we were regulars there for over a decade. And they knew us by our names & it was nice.

    Sadly, over the years Walmart Supercenters have taken over & I hate shopping there.

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  5. Hi Cami, I adore the Public stores but sadly we do not have any where I live. I miss the friendly people so much. And...the great produce. Our store here in the mountains is Engles. Nice but nothing as nice as public. Lucky you. Enjoy!!!
    love, Jeanne

  6. Hey Cami!

    This is Nessa/Sliver. I've been missing from the Blogger world for quite some time now! I've seen I have quite a lot to congrats you on! Engagement!!! OMG!!! I'm soooo excited for you and V! Also a new job!! Sheesh girl! hahaha

    quick update: We have about 2 1/2 months till we're married! Talk about stressed out! haha.

    Anyways this is my new blog :) I hope we can continue to have our bloggy friendship!

  7. Hey just came across your blog, and I think it's great!~I love Publix!~We don't have one in my area but always go there on vacations!


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