Liquid Eyeliner Recommendation

No, I am not being sponsored for this post. I just love sharing good finds with you!

I have always had a hard time finding a decent eyeliner. Liquid, pencil, gel. I've always had a hard time finding one I liked...and one that lasted. I really like one I got in my Birchbox a couple months ago - but $15 (plus shipping) for eye liner can take a hike. 

I browsed a local grocery store for an eyeliner. I came across this gem...

I must say, I've fallen in love!

Maybelline's Stiletto liquid eyeliner is 2 thumbs WAY up in my book. It's thin enough to get a nice sophisticated look & obviously, you can make it as thick as you'd like.

The reason I really like it is that it glides on SO amazingly. It also lasts ALL day. Yup. Early AM to late PM. It's great!

I highly recommend giving this liquid eyeliner a try the next time you are on the market for some. (Let me know what you think when you do!)

What's your "go to" eyeliner?


  1. I have never been one to use liquid eyeliner because I can never get it quite right or as steady as I can using a pencil, but I think after reading this next time I'm feeling adventurous I'll try this one out! ;)

  2. I want to try this now! I've been looking for a great liquid eyeliner but haven't found any that I've loved yet!

  3. Oooo this is one of the ones I love and use! It works so well and easily makes a nice line!!
    I have Revlon liquid gel which is nice too!

  4. I've tried them all! I love MAC cream eyeliner in the pots. I wear the Covergirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner (it is retractable. no sharpening) on the water line. On the top, I wear liquid. Either Maybelline or elf.

  5. i love elf's cream eyeliner, but i'd be willing to give this a shot!

  6. I'm too clumsy to use liquid liner!


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