Thankful Thursday, 9.20.12

My favorite day of the week...


While doing some shopping on Wednesday night, I realized how many people are just down right miserable and not happy with their lives in general. It's sad. I could tell this by the way they treated others. 

I know everyone has bad days...before you take it out on someone else, take a minute to realize how blessed you are & all that you have to be thankful for...

I am thankful for...

all of the wedding advice!

settling on a venue & date makes me SO much less stressed :)

the fact that my two best friends (who don't live here) just said - "I am definitely coming no matter what" - SO HAPPY!

that I'm kicking my mom's booty in "dice with buddies" - heehee!

finding a great gift for a two year old's birthday! Can't wait to celebrate with her on Saturday!

finally picking up eye shadow brushes! (I've been using the small little brushes with the sponge-like top...not sure what that's called?)

celebrating my SIL's birthday on Wednesday night (took her out for a delicious meal!) and birthday dinner with family & some of her closest friends on Friday!

I don't know why my face is so red???! I look
like I have raccoon eyes???!!!! Oh well :(

leaving my old job when I did...perfect timing. Things are getting a little crazy with the new owner!

trying to try new restaurants...and leaving before food poisoning happens ;)

bike rides at sunset!


  1. I do feel sad when I think about how miserable people are...especially when you see people that only get enjoyment out of other people's suffering...that's just such a wrong and sad way to live.

    That food poisoning line has me curious...story? Share! ;)

  2. Hey Cami......I love your attitude and your list of grateful stuff. And I see it some people walk around unhappy and miserable. It's sad for them b/c life is so much more fun when you live with gratitude and that gratitude does something so amazing don't you think? Yeahhhh that your friends are coming to your wedding and for all the neat stuff happening in your world. Hugs to you. You shine.

  3. Thursday is my favorite day on my blog, too!
    One of the reasons I do Thankful Thursday posts is to try to spread some of that joy of what we all have to be thankful for instead of just wallowing in what is wrong in the world.
    Hope you come link up!

  4. SO glad that you're wedding plans are falling into place. Great feeling, isn't it? :)

  5. Lovely week! Hope you have a lovely weekend and keep on smiling that beautiful smile ;)

  6. It makes me sad that a lot of people just complain and don't treat people nicely... They need to start a blog and do Thankful Thursdays, I think it would really help them lol!

    I always love your lists, you find so many things to be thankful for, big and small. :)

  7. Enjoy every moment of your wedding planning process. The wedding will be here before you know it.

  8. thanks for hosting, glad the wedding plans are coming together!!!
    I am not one for mean or ruthless people.... I am following you on pinterest
    and love your boards there...I am gina over there at Pinterest


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