Birchbox VS MyGlam - Round 2

I haven't gotten rid of Birchbox yet - I'm waiting to figure out what to use with all my points. ;) Any suggestions??

Birchbox VS MyGlam - Round 2!

My Birchbox...
-Bvlgari perfume
-Color Club Custom Nail Polish
-twistband Lace Hair Tie
-Vasanti Bright Up! Face Cleanser
-Wei to Go
-The Brush Guard 
-Birchbox Digital Download

My thoughts...
The Bvlgari perfume smells pretty good. I'm tired of perfume samples though.
I am loving the Color Club Custom Nail Polish - such a pretty color!
The twistband Lace Hair Tie is actually pretty's pretty and so comfy.
The Vasanti Bright Up! is ok. I got a brightner cleanser a few rounds ago and don't notice a difference at all. Should I?
Wei to go is REALLY neat. It's a cleanser but it is tinted. Perfect "sleep over" kit for sure.
The brush guard, I can't figure out how to use them...ha! :)
I haven't had a chance to check out the digital download yet. I'm not a big fan of them.

Thoughts: I'm actually a fan of this Birchbox! I really liked the twistband tie, nail polish, and wei to go! So that's half of the box. Better than I've been doing! I also like the little fall trend booklet they have included.

My MyGlam/Ipsy...
(they recently changed the name to Ipsy)
-Soho Smudge Brush
-Carol's Daughter Split End Sealer
-Jane Sparkle Gloss
-Mirabella Eye Color
-Circus Nail Polish in 'Tightrope'
-Black Make-up Bag

Would it be weird if I used the make up bag as a small purse? I just might. I am loving it!
I just recently got some eye shadow brushes so seeing the smudge brush made me happy!
I am intrigued with the split end sealer! I should really get a hair cut due to split ends...but this sealer intrigues me and I cannot wait to try it out.
-I am always a fan of sparkle gloss! This gloss is better than last month's gloss. (In my opinion.)
-The mirabella eye color is pretty. I'm going to test it out within the next couple of days to see how long it lasts.
-Without a top clear coat on it, the Tightrope by Circus is a little almost looks matted. But with the clear coat, looks pretty!

Thoughts: Love. Love. Love. I am a huge fan of all of these products. I don't have anything negative to say. Maybe I lucked out...again? (2 months in a row - 2 thumbs up!)

Do you ladies still have Birchbox...or did you make the switch to MyGlam/Ipsy or another program? I want to know your thoughts :)


  1. I haven't heard of MyGlam/lpsy yet. I will have to check them out. I wasn't a big fan of my September Birchbox. It's funny - you seemed to like some of the things I did not. :) Maybe I should send you what I know I won't use!! :

  2. Love that polish color! It does look like both of your boxes were full of goodies this time. I'm not doing any of these type boxes, but have signed up for the Julep Maven nail polish box. I elected to not get one last month but am excited for Octobers box.

  3. I say you give Birchbox one more month then nix them! It's OBVIOUS, to me, that you prefer Ipsy!


  4. I should be getting my first MyGlam/Ipsy bag next month! I'm excited. I went back to Birchbox for a month, and then cancelled again lol. Nice comparison.

  5. I got both of my boxes in this month. Birchbox- liked the nail color and the tie the rest was junk in my opinion I am sick of perfume samples I seriously have like 50 every place you order from sends them. Glambox liked the bag, brush and the split end smells great! Didn't like the gloss I did like the shadow color just not on me.

  6. These sample programs are quite interesting. I signed up for one her in Canada Luxe Box and the first seasonal (you get a box every season) was good. I'm trying to catch up on posts and will post what I got in mine soon.The boxes in the USA always seem to have more goodies. Happy week-end ..xo HHL

  7. If I ever sign up for one of these, it looks like Ipsy would be my choice. Seems like most people are happier with them. :)

  8. I'm considering switching from birchbox to something else. I'm just not impressed lately!

  9. I have never used either but I am loving the contents of MyGlam over Birchbox's. Maybe give bbox one more try next month and if still not too great, go for Myglam. Love the purple/pink polish on you!


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