Battling BB Creams

Dr. Jart's BB vs. Boscia BB 

I'm looking to cash out on my Birchbox points and I think I'm going to grab some BB cream.

(Question - what's the difference between Dr. Jart's water fuse and premium?)

Besides that - which brand do you think is best...Dr. Jart or Boscia?

It seems like they both do the same thing and are near the same price. Both are tinted which is what I want, too.

I need your help, beauty experts. Please. :)


  1. I love the Dr jart premium! I tried boscia but the color was too dark for me. I highly suggest getting on YouTube and looking up reviews on both products by people with similar skin tone/type as you! Let us know which one you pick!

  2. I have the Dr. Jart water fuse- I really LOVE it. I've never tried the premium though so I can't compare it to that. The water fuse, though, feels really hydrating to me. Coming out of the container it has the consistency of foundation but going on it feels almost like a moisturizer. Let us know what you decide! I always love to hear about new products :)


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