Fall Memories

Remember last week when I mentioned that the fall reminds me of college?

I have so many amazing fall memories of college...peppermint hot chocolate with friends, bonfires, art festivals, baseball games, outside concerts, spending the weekends catching up on tv shows/movies. I can't explain it but my heart is just so happy and content just thinking about all of these memories.

The fall, crisp weather always reminds me of going to concerts of local bands with friends. My college was small so it was always so fun going somewhere to listen to friends play their music - sharing their passion with the world.

I realized I hadn't checked up on one of the band's we used to go to all of the time in a while. Would you believe that they have their first music video? I am SO proud of them...and happy for them! 

Bundling up (well the Florida version of bundling up) to go to see them play with my gal pals...those are some of my favorite college memories. Something so simple but so wonderful. Their passion & love for playing music & singing is what made watching them so special. Well that and everyone singing along, having an amazing time.

What are some of your favorite college memories? Do you have any special memories for the season?


  1. That's so awesome about the band, Cami! There is something so cozy, even romantic about the fall. I didn't go to college, but my favorite fall memories are hs football games with friends and long walks for coffee with my mom.
    I hope you're having a wonderful week!


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