Wedding Wednesday: Flower Choice

There are SO many beautiful flower arrangements for weddings. DropDeadICantBelieveThisIsRealLife Beautiful.

With beauty, also comes price. (Just like anything else in the world.)

Although I want beautiful flowers, I'd rather spend a majority of funds in any directions - like getting the best photographer there is since these photographs live on forever!

I've decided that my wedding flower is going to be tulips.

Tulips are beautiful, classy, sophisticated and with the right color, fun! You can't really get much better than that.

I am LOVING the fullness of this bouquet and the ribbon is just precious...
Source: via Cami on Pinterest

Another white bouquet - so cute! I want some sort of detail like this on the stems.

This type of detail with the ribbon would be nice, too! My flowers are going to be a coral color.

The multiple colors adds a nice flare to it...

Another option for the stems - this one seems to be unique!

What was/is your wedding flower??


  1. I love that last arrangement! I think tulips are a nice choice!

  2. I love the fullness of the first one too...and the multiple colored bouquet is really pretty!
    I can't remember all my flower's names bc I am so bad with that, lol, but I know I had deep orange lilys and roses that had a vintage feel.
    Hope the planning is going great!

  3. I love tulips. I think with the right ribbons (the ones above are beautiful!) it will look amazing :-)

    I didn't have flowers at my wedding, but my great-grandmother's favorite flowers were Lilies of the Valley. She had them on her veil when she married my great-grandpa. She loved them, and so do I. They smell beautiful and are really pretty.

  4. Agree! I am planning a wedding of my own and the flowers are so difficult. But I love the simple ones.

  5. I may or may not stalk you on Pinterest....haha! Loved seeing you pin away last night!

    Tulips are my absolute favorite flower! And I think they are going to look wonderful for your spring wedding!!

  6. Tulips and Gerber daisys are my favorite flowers. When we were going to be married in spring I was going to use mostly tulips with hydrangea and some other spring flowers since everything is cheaper if it's in season.

    Since we went away to get married and it was so small I used fake flowers in a rich purple color ( favorite flower color). It was a mix of roses tulips daisys and a few others I didn't recognize. I made them from stuff at micheals.

  7. Just lovely, I love tulips!

    My wedding flowers were daisies. I carried them, my moh (youngest sister carried them. They were white and yellow. Then my other sisters carried a single white rose.


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