Thankful Thursday, 10.4.12


Wow I can't believe it's already October! September completely flew by. September was quite a month & am thankful for such a great month!

I am thankful for the amazing
man I am going to spend my
life with!

I am thankful for my family
who made my birthday extra
special. We had such a fun time
celebrating in St. Augustine!

I am thankful for my wonderful
parents who are always there for

I am thankful for my super fun
midnight birthday gift from the Mr.!
What beautiful jewelry and a super
cuddly bear! I am so thankful that
he spoils me so much ;)

I am thankful for time with
family to hang out and play
music. Love when they do that!

As always, I am so very thankful
for being blessed with the ability
for this to be my front yard.

I am thankful for updating my iPhone
and not loosing anything! I also organized
it differently. Not sure if I like it like this yet 
or not! How is your iPhone set up?

What is it that you're thankful for this week?


  1. Looks like it was a great month! :)

  2. I love all the pictures! You are truly blessed. :)

  3. your joy just spills right off this page....and Cami...You guys are such a cute looking couple....Have a beautiful thursday...

  4. looks like you had a great birthday and wonderful time with family! love that cuddly teddy bear:) happy thursday! xoxo

  5. Good morning Cami, first Happy Happy belated birthday. I hate that I missed it my sweet friend. It sounds like you celebrated with a wonderful trip to St. Augustine.

    I always love to read about your love of family. It is so much the most happy part of my life. Also, my hubs is a blessing beyond words. Your wedding with the love of your life makes me so happy for both of you. I will say this over and over...he is a keeper and so are you. You are both blessed.

    Wishing you happy days to you and yours.
    Love and blessings,

  6. SO glad you had a wonderful birthday with your family, Cami :)

  7. Glad you had such a beautiful birthday. I love your front yard too ;) I have my phone sort of like that. I do find it easier with all the games and such but I still have FB and Twitter out by itself. I don't like to hunt it LOL Have a great weekend!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday to you, Cami!!! I can see it was a beautiful one!!
    You look so much like your mom and sister!! it looks like you and your family and V have been having lots of fun...and the beach looks amazing...I bet the weather is perfect this time of year!
    That first pic of you and V is so cute!
    Wishing you a wonderful Thursday!

  9. Linking for the first time. Yes, there are so much to be thankful about!


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