Put A Pin In It

It's been a while since I've shared my nail polish with you!

I got this one from my September Birchbox

It's called "Put A Pin In It" from Color Club...

What's your nail polish choice this week?


  1. So pretty I got the same one in mine and love it!

  2. I really love that color!! I am using Loreal Greycian Goddess right now. I think are going to use it at my sister's wedding in two weeks, it is a really great grey!

  3. Well, I have on this awesome rose/coppery metallic called.... Put a pin in it!! Got it in my September Birchbox;) Too funny!!

  4. Love that color! I'm sadly nail polishless...lol. Maybe once I get the hang of being a mommy. I'll be able to paint my nails sometime...;)

  5. Fun color! They have tons of cute colors @ Target right now. The cheapy line, ELF has really pretty holiday colors for 2 bucks. I have a gray one on right now. Hope you're enjoying the weekend, Cami!


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