iPhone 5 VS. Galaxy S3

It's about time for a new phone for me. My iPhone 4 is almost two years old. For the most part, it works great. The main issue is the Home Button sticking and not working 100% correctly. (And...well...I want something new!;)

I'm kind of upset that Apple changed things so much with the iPhone 5 - as far as accessories go! This means none of my iPhone cases, my docking station, my arm holder for the gym - nothing!! - will work. I know it will work if you buy the extension/attachment but that's just extra money that Apple is forcing us to spend. (My little rant - makes me mad!) I am a huge Apple fan - I always preach how Apple is the best - I do believe they are pretty great. But I'm peeved as to how much they suck you in to their side of the world.

With saying this, I am looking between the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3.

I've never owned a Samsung but have done a decent amount of research and it seems like the two are pretty comparable.

iPhone 5 seems to be best in...

  • Design
  • Screen Quality
  • User Interface
  • Camera Quality
  • Voice Assistant
  • Updating

SamSung Galaxy S3 seems to be best in...

  • Operating System
  • Texture
  • Maps
  • Charging Accessory (can use USB cord!)
  • Battery Life

I'd almost want to just say I want the Galaxy because you can use a normal USB cord to charge it...pretty cool! I also just learned you can still use emojis with it!

The price is extremely competitive to one another so the cost should hold no water to your decision.

What are your thoughts? iPhone or Galaxy?


  1. I thought I had heard that iPhone 5 doesn't use the 16-pin ipod cord...I'll have to check with my Mister.

  2. I went back and forth myself, but ultimately, I decided on the iPhone 5. I've tried other platforms and OS- android and windows- and I always come back to the iPhone. I just like it better. A little better than Windows but a LOT better than Android. Good luck with your decision!

  3. iPhone all the way. Forever and ever. Lol. My boyfriend has the galaxy s 3 and loves it. I don't get what's so special about it. Lol.

  4. I had the iPhone 4. I now have the iPhone 5. I love it. The Galaxy is a beautiful phone as well, my co-worker has it and it's very nice. But I still choose iPhone. I love my iPhone LOL :)

  5. i recently switched from the iphone to the galaxy and i don't regret it. my iphone 4s was not working so well anymore and i've had my fair share of problems with iphones so i decided to go with the galaxy. so far, i've had it for about one month, and i really like it, it does everything the iphone does and it is true that the battery life is pretty good. and i also love the fact you can charge it with usb, makes it much easier when i'm in class and need to charge it but have no outlet near!

    i think that in the end, the choice is up to you. but having been on both side, right now i don't think i'll go back to the iphone in the near future!

  6. I am an iPhone girl ALL the way! We should be getting our iPhones in the mail in about 3 weeks!

  7. That is the same exact argument we're having in my house right now. We can't decide between the two!

  8. I just switched from the phone company I've been with for 5+ years just so I could get the iPhone. They tried to talk me into the Galaxy but I couldn't do it. I've tried every brand out there...HTC, Samsung, LTC, you name it, and nothing compares to the iPhone. They all have a great battery life at first and work great, but about a month in all of my phones started acting up. The one I had to send back 3 times (and lost everything each time) before they replaced it. My last phone was only a year old and I had to plug it in 2-3 times per day to prevent it from dying. And the new charger plug on the iPhone is so much better in my opinion. I have an ipod that has the same charger as the other iPhones and just don't like it. The 5 has a small plug, and the phone is just great all around, so I think an adapter or whatever you need to buy is a small price to pay.

  9. I know nothing abt phones. Lol. Steve swears by Samsung but so many of my friends love their iphones!! I hope you love whatever you pick, Cami!
    Happy weekend! Xoxox


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