Bath & Body Works Mini Candle LOVE!

Remember when I swooned over mini candle from Bath & Body Works yesterday?

I'm going to swoon about it a little more. It was apart of my Influenster Fall Beauty box that I told you about a few days ago. I am beyond thrilled it was in there - I have a new candle love!

First, I'll start off by saying I've never gotten a candle from Bath & Body Works before. I actually didn't realize they even had candles there!

The scent I got was White Barn (No 1) Nutmeg & Spice. Also known as holiday in a jar. Even though the candle is tiny (1.3 oz) the scent travels throughout the house. I would almost say I would drink this if it were in liquid form - if that makes any sense? Reminds me of a chai tea latte!

I decided to order a larger 3-wick candle in this scent. I've been holding off buying a 3-wick candle until I found the perfect one! I've been using small ones until I'm happy with one of the scents I could stand to use for quite some time!

I'm so glad that the candle was in stock, too.

Do you have a favorite winter candle scent? Or a favorite candle brand?


  1. Oh girl, you have been missing out! Bath and Body Works has some of the best candles, coming only second to Scentsy! ;)

  2. Hi Cami, I too love the Bath and Body Works. We do not have a store in our small town so when I am anywhere near a store I go there. I know your candle smells good because I was was checking it out when we were in Florida recently. I have lots of candles so I didn't buy it this time. You are smart to get a small one first.

    I am so glad you are getting things accomplished with your wedding plans. I know your wedding will be beautiful.

    Blessings and love,

  3. I need to to to B and B Works!! I just bought my first Scentsy piece and am in love with it! It fills the whole house with its scent! I'm in love with anything cinnamon. Have a wonderful day, pretty lady!

  4. I have this scent in my dining room/living room area and Vance's bathroom wallflowers. We love it!

    In the bedroom wallflower right now, we have Winter. It is FANTASTIC!!! I highly recommend it!


  5. I got the same fragrance and LOVED it.


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