Too Early to Decorate?

November 12. More than thirty days until Christmas.

Last year, V & I started a tradition of decorating for Christmas on Thanksgiving (or the day after depending when we get home from stuffing our faces.)

I think that is perfect - after Thanksgiving, the next holiday is Christmas. If you were to decorate for Christmas now - well - what about decorating for Thanksgiving?! It drives me a little crazy that stores are already all Christmas-ed out...where did Thanksgiving go?

It seems like each year, places are decorated earlier and earlier for Christmas. I think Christmas decorations should be revealed on Black Friday - it would be perfect!

What do you think? When do you start decorating for Christmas!?


  1. I have this argument with my husband every year. As soon as Halloween is over he wants to decorate for Christmas. I have to remind him that Thanksgiving is next and it's a fall holiday so we need to keep our pumpkin-y things out and not get all Christmas'ed out just yet.

    I don't mind it being out in stores so it gives people more than just a few weeks to shop. We're having a Christmas party at the house at the beginning of December so it's been nice to be able to gradually stock up for it, but you have a good theory too that if it wasn't all out in stores maybe people wouldn't be skipping over Thanksgiving as easily.

  2. I've been ready to decorate for Christmas since JUNE.... that may have something to do with our baby girl's arrival due for December :) But I can't help it... this is the most exciting Christmas of our lives! But Eric won't let me skip Thanksgiving, so the day after it is!

  3. I am with ya on the stores all decorated already...planning on writing abt that too...I'm like, wait a minute, let's have Thanksgiving first. I loveee Christmas and can't wait to decorate! We usually get our tree in the beginning of December and decorate then too! I can't wait!
    This will be such a special Christmas for you and V...and next year too! :)

  4. I work Black Friday (this year 12a-9a) and I guess I'll sleep part of the day away afterwards, so we won't be decorating Black Friday unless I feel up to it that evening. We may put our tree up this Saturday and then decorate it Black Friday.

    We (all the kids/grandkids/significant others) will be helping my grandparents set up their 9 ft tree, decorations (inside and out) etc. Sunday after church. It's getting to be too much for them, but the neighborhood LOVES it and so do we, so I volunteered us all to help last year and so on. It's a process, let me tell ya! I'm sure I'll post pics on Instagram!


  5. Another reason I <3 you! ;) I was just telling John that Thanksgiving is like the black sheep of the holiday

    So my goal is to figure out a good tradition to start with our family, so Thanksgiving will get its due! :D

  6. I think the day after Thanksgiving is the perfect day to start decorating.


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